Now Rob Liefeld's Major X #3 Sells Out Before Release

Marvel has sent out a press release touting yet another sellout of Major X, the hit new series spinning out of Spider-Man/Deadpool #47, where the titular character made his X-citing first appearance. Written by Rob Liefeld with art by Liefeld, Brent Peebles, and Whilce Portacio, Major X is set in the 1990s glory days of X-Force and stars the mysterious Major X, along with his Beast-like companion, M'Koy, fleeing his collapsing alternate future paradise, The X-istence, created by mutant savior The X-ential, to seek the help of the 1990s X-Men because that era most closely matches the fashion sensibilities of his own era, with lots of pouches, really tight pants, comically large firearms, and constantly grimacing facial X-pressions.

Major X #1 and 2 both sold out at the Diamond level before even hitting stores, and now Major #3 has done the same. What does that mean, exactly? Marvel X-Editor Jordan White recently X-plained the whole deal in one of AiPT's weekly X-Men Monday columns.

"The print run of a comic is set just after the final order cutoff, which is… I think about 3 weeks before the book comes out?" Jordan said. "If stores reorder or up their orders after that, there's usually a little overprint stock we make just in case of problems or whatnot… but if enough people up their orders then we can sell out of the first printing. And that can happen before a book goes on sale if there is a buzz about it ahead of time and stores don't think they ordered enough for their customers initially. So, we offer up a second printing. It means the stores want more than they originally thought they wanted."

In the press release, Marvel also revealed that Major X #1 will go back for a third printing, having sold out again.

"In over 30 years of producing comic books, I've never seen anything like this. I've never had three books completely sell out before fans get a chance to experience them!" said Liefeld in the press release. "The fan reaction to MAJOR X has been nothing short of the most overwhelming experience in my career. They inundate me with their enjoyment and enthusiasm of the book and the new characters. I've never seen so many fan sketches as I have for MAJOR X…I am humbled and inspired by this reception. I promise you, with three issues left, the best is yet to come. The work on issue #3 by my longtime friend and peer, Whilce Portacio, underscores the excitement we are all having bring MAJOR X to you! We are celebrating by giving you brand new covers on our additional printings!"

Check out the covers below, and learn more about how M'Koy smells in this preview of Major X #3, which hits stores Wednesday.


Major X #3 Sells Out Before Release Again Major X #3 Sells Out Before Release Again Major X #3 Sells Out Before Release Again

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