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New Neverwhere From Neil Gaiman And Sandman In A Flower

Stephen Lacey writes; Tonight Neil Gaiman spoke to a packed audience at the Peacock Theatre about his new novel The Ocean at the End Of The Lane. The Q&As threw up some interesting tidbits. Regarding Sandman Zero, Gaiman reinforced that more favourable contract terms led to the project coming about. He's driving his editors 'mad […]

DC Fixes Print Run On September's Villain Month Due To 3D Covers

Straight from the DC Retailer Roadshow… The event held today, with around a hundred retailers present, showed off upcoming DC Comics work. But the focus was on the 3D covers for September's Villain's Month, in person. All retailers should have received (or will be receiving) a copy of the new technology 3D cover for Superman […]

Lying In The Gutters – 17th June 2013 – Batman Still Sitting

Not only does Batman sit… but people sit in him! Thanks to Vandamage2112 for the pic… So, yes, apparently a few of you saw a movie this week. Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week You Might Not Believe Who Pops Up After The Man Of Steel's Credits Will Doctor Who Have A Very Special […]

Co-Opting The Man Of Steel For Immigration And Christianity

So a certain film came out this week. Man Of Steel. Mark Waid was disappointed. But others have lept upon the film to talk about… other things. Such as the Tumblr blog We Are The American Way, full of people posting photos of themselves holding up a history of their immigration status with a Superman […]

Today, Fábio Moon And Gabriel Bá Aim To #ChangeBrazil

So, an uprising started by the rise in bus fares in San Paolo, Brazil, has exploded, in a mix of politician corruption and nepotism, health, safety and welfare, and extreme inequality of wealth. Here's a good user friendly summary. [youtube][/youtube] Comic creators Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are making a stand today. Here is what […]

Light's Out – The New Green Lantern Event Crossover Thing For Late 2013

You have a bunch of new creators on the Green Lantern comics. Geoff Johns has left. The promotional Green Lantern rings can only go so far. Time for… another Green Lantern crossover? Something that may extend out to other titles? Maybe an event title that will spinoff? Something like Blackest Night? Welcome to… Lights Out!

DC Announces New Slash Fiction Comic Superman/Wonder Woman

There we go folks. Superman/Wonder Woman, a new ongoing series starting in October by Charles Soule and Tony Daniels, as told by DC Comics to IGN. For those hoping DC would emulate the Lois/Clark pairing in Man Of Steel, you may be in for a wait. Though if that's your bag, Superman Unchained looks like […]

DC Comics Back On ComiXology App On Kindle Fire

Looks like this entry on the ComiXology FAQ may require a little updating; Why can't I find DC or Vertigo books on the Kindle Fire app? Last Updated: Apr 30, 2013 04:54AM EDT Currently, DC Comics and its imprints are no longer available for purchase on our Fire app. You can continue to access the […]

Injustice Gods Among Us Writer, Tom Taylor, To Write Earth 2

We reported that James Robinson had walked off the rather successful Earth 2 series, and included the rumour that it was over DC's plans to launch a second Earth 2 title not written by him. This morning DC Comics told MTV Geek that Tom Taylor, who has also seen insane success with Injustice Gods Among […]

Countdown To The Eisners – Best Graphic Album – Reprint

By Cameron Hatheway I wasn't fortunate enough to grow up during the Golden Age of comics, much less the other elemental ages that came after. I was the kid who had to track down old single issues of legendary comic runs that hadn't been collected at the time, and it was sometimes grueling work. When […]

VIDEO: Max Brooks Talks Extinction Parade – Doing An Uber?

Max Brooks talks about the focus of his new comic from Avatar, Extinction Parade. [youtube][/youtube] I'm told by my bosses at Avatar that the Leather Cover version of Max Brooks' original comic debut, The Extinction Parade is going to have to be severely allocated when it comes out this week. And that while the rest […]

Swipe File: Skel, Jim Lee And Doug Mahnke

Skel looks to Doug Mahnke and Jim Lee for his rather expensive prints;   "This painting is about the gradual loss of self one experiences when in a relationship, and the subsequent consciousness of this when a relationship comes to an end, when you are faced with the stark realization that you have become significantly […]

A Scattering Of 99 Cent Marvel Comics On ComiXology Tomorrow

Thanks to Tom Huxley's diligence, we can see a number of comics about to get the 99 Cent treatment on Monday. They include Thunderbolts 169-174, Dark Avengers 175-183, Vengeance 1-6 and Villains For Hire 1-4. Bad guys turned good (ish) seems to be a theme… I wonder what other ones are out there?