This Is Your Batman #28 Final Page Spoiler (FINAL PAGE SPOILER)

It is very rare that Bleeding Cool runs a "Final Page Spoiler", where we run the final page of a comic book the day it comes out., It happens sometimes, the New 52 Detective Comics #1 was one, the final page of the final issue of Green Team was another. It's there to point out something that might give people who weren't going to buy the comic book a reason to buy it.

But if you were going to buy it, then you should stop reading now. And the comic is Batman #28, because there is a really big spoiler on the last page. If you want something spoiler-free, go to yesterday's review.


We'll get to that in a minute. Because there's another spoiler first. Well in today's Batman #28 we get a glimpse into the future continuity of the Batman Eternal weekly series. And we see… well do you remember how we all thought this was a future Nightwing? And that it might not Harper Row?


Well, it's not.I mean it is Harper Row. But it's not Nightwing.


It's Bluebird.

The name of the character who we saw a memorial case for in the future story in Detective Comics #27. Of which I understand the creative team is treating as canon.


I love it when it all comes together don't you? Oh yes, and the spoiler on the final page?


Is Spoiler on the final page. See, it's in the headline. Today's Batman #28, folks, is the return of Stephanie Brown. And she knows what's going to happen. She is a literal spoiler…

And yes, she's bound to a chair. But you can't have everything.

Told you Dan had a plan. So, now, are you going to buy it?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With an exhibition of the work of Liz Prince, the launch of her new Top Shelf Comics title Alone Forever, with an exclusive limited bookplate.


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