A Comic Show – Batman Eternal=Spoiler!


Aaron Haaland, from A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom! I'm back with some more new comics now because this is A Comic Show! Also, there seems to be new comics out every week, and I like a lot of them.

Batman #28 wasn't a Zero Year tie-in, it's Batman Eternal! Damn if this isn't the stuff I love in mainstream hero books, skip ahead and wow me with new identities and new characters. I do spoil that Spoiler is in here, but you knew that, right? Stephanie Brown is in Batman Eternal and it is awesome! Superman Wonder Woman was also good this week, but it was hard to talk about anything that wasn't Batman #28, April can't get here fast enough!

At Marvel, She-Hulk was the buzz book of the week. Charles Soule is at his best here, this is the book he was born to write (and the other 6 books aren't half bad either). X-Force #1 was a fast paced beat down featuring Tank Girl as their break out character (okay, it was Marrow). Superior Spider-man is hitting it's crescendo, All New X-Men played the space Summers card, Thor set up Jason Aaron's big Marvel summer crossover, and Winter Soldier is the best book that probably not on your Marvel radar. Rick Remender's 60's soldier spy was great for old or new fans.

I talked about a few books other than the big two, but honestly the one I liked the best was a Vertigo book, The Royals is a truly unique on something we've already kinda saw with Avatar's Uber. Trust me that this is different enough that you can enjoy both (or ignore the other one's existence which ever one that may be). Dynamite and Bill Willingham continued to hold my attention with Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure, even though I'm not a fan of steampunk as a sub-genre (I'm more cyber-punk) or have any really affinity for the source material characters. So, kudos Mr. Willingham, now give me my steam Phantom!

Here's the Nerdy Show Live Soule Stream from our event last Saturday:

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