Pixie the Snitch – Age of X-Man: NextGen #4 Preview

In the Age of X-Man X-over event, Nate Gray has created a world where sex and romantic relationships are forbidden, and where anyone who breaks the rules gets disappeared, and everyone else mindwiped to forget they ever existed. And the only person who knows the truth is… Glob Herman?! Well, it turns out that Glob can't be mindwiped because of the magical properties of his wax flesh. And Glob has found a way to transfer that power to others… even if it's a little bit gross. All he has to do is melt his waxiness all over their bodies. Look, it worked for Armor. And as this preview of Age of X-Man: NextGen #4 kicks off, he's about to do it to Rockslide as well…

Pixie the Snitch - Age of X-Man: NextGen #4 Preview

But actually, there's not enough time for that. Armor was trying to help Anole last issue but her friend Pixie kept getting suspicious, eventually walking in on Armor and Anole in a room with a vial of Unveil, the mutant drug that helps people break free from X-Man's control.

Pixie the Snitch - Age of X-Man: NextGen #4 Preview

And it doesn't take Pixie long at all to go full rat…

Pixie the Snitch - Age of X-Man: NextGen #4 Preview

Thanks a lot, tattletale.

Age of X-Man: NextGen #4 hits stores on Wednesday.

Age of X-Man: NextGen #4
(W) Ed Brisson (A) Marcus To (CA) Chris Bachalo
• The Age of X-Man is coming apart at the seams!
• The students are working on multiple fronts, but they need to put the pieces together before someone finds out!
• Someone may already be onto their trail!
Rated T+
In Shops: May 15, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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