Popular Childrens' Character Gumby Gets A Comic Book Reboot


In an attempt to grab a share of the lucrative market of childrens' properties that fell out of fashion fifty years ago, Papercutz will publish a brand new Gumby comic book in July. Though there aren't many details on the actual content of the comic, which was discovered in a solicit on comiXology, but it's possible that the comic will be a gritty, modern take on the character, because that's pretty much the rule with comic book reboots (unless you are rebooting a previous grim and gritty reboot, in which case it is acceptable to make the property fun and lighthearted again, setting the stage for a future grim and gritty reboot). That being said, the cover art suggests that Gumby will stay true to his cartoonish — or in this case, claymationish — roots. There's no creative team announced yet, but Papercutz is hoping that the comic will generate interest on name value alone amongst the legions of ninety-year-old comic fans who know who the heck Gumby is.

"Gumby certainly has a lot of adult fans but the character is also one of the great kids' properties," said Papercutz publisher Terry Nantier, who we assume counts amongst the other great kids' properties Howdie Doodie, Captain Kangaroo, and Lucky Strike Cigarettes.

Gumby #1 will be at the soda fountain at your local pharmacy on July 19th, so be sure to read it while drinking a cool, refreshing egg cream before heading outside for a nice, unsupervised game of stickball in the middle of the street.

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