Preview The First 6 Pages Of Hellboy And The BPRD, A 'Classic' Hellboy Story

Earlier today, we featured the astonishingly wide-ranging interview that Mike Mignola took part in for us here at Bleeding Cool, and in that interview he speaks a lot about the role of the new mini-series, Hellboy and the BPRD to return to "classic" Hellboy tales where there is always room for humor, filling in part of the 50 year gap in Hellboy's known history. It also depicts his earliest days as an operative with the BPRD. Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, with art by the powerhouse Alex Maleev, this is shaping up to be a landmark book in Hellboy lore.


Now, we've got the first 6 pages of that title here, specially for Halloween. Enjoy!

HBYBPRD #1 PG 01HBYBPRD #1 PG 02 HBYBPRD #1 PG 03 HBYBPRD #1 PG 04 HBYBPRD #1 PG 05 HBYBPRD #1 PG 06Hellboy and the BPRD is currently available for pre-order as listed on Previews and with item code OCT140009, reaches FOC on Monday, November 3rd and arrives in shops December 3rd.

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