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Cover to Hellboy: The Silver Lantern Club
Bleeding Cool is pleased to report some great news for Hellbronies — the hardcore fans of superstar artist Mike Mignola and his most popular creation, Hellboy Dark Horse is planning a new Hellboy series from Mignola, Chris Roberson, Christopher Mitten, Ben Stenbeck, and Michelle Madsen called Hellboy: the Silver Lantern Club The series explores stories[...]
Hellboy & The BPRD Moves from Fearful Fifties To Swinging Sixties
Unraveling the mystery of an unwanted house guest may lead the occult investigators right to where they wanted to be, but also right into demonic danger. Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1957—Family Ties is co-written by the character's creator Mike Mignola and iZombie co-creator Chris Roberson, featuring art and a cover by Laurence Campbell, colouring by Dave[...]
Hellboy: Mike Mignola on 17 Years Since Guillermo Del Toro Adaptation
One of the most brilliant adaptations was 2004's Hellboy, thanks to the minds of creator Mike Mignola, director Guillermo Del Toro, and star Ron Perlman, who's able to bring Big Red to the big screen The comic creator took to Twitter to mark the occasion. Image courtesy of Sony/Columbia Pictures "So, 17 years ago–The first HELLBOY movie[...]
The cover to Falconspeare
Dark Horse Comics has announced plans to publish Falconspeare, a new original graphic novel featuring characters created by Mike Mignola and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell Mignola's name is there mainly to sell the book, just like it's in the headline of this article to get you to click But the comic itself is written and drawn by[...]
Hellboy/Mike Mignola Documentary "Drawing Monsters" Kickstarter Live
A new documentary looking at Mike Mignola's career and the creation of the Hellboy character and universe is now live on the crowdsource funding site Kickstarter A trailer for the film is on the page Reward tiers include everything from thank-yous and prints to special edition Blu-rays and original art, including pieces from Mike Norton,[...]
Mike Mignola, Travis Charest, Bruce Timm Lunchbox Sketches At Auction
Not only will you get comic book creators and autographs, but something to keep your lunch in as well.   Neal Adams, Mike Mignola, and others – Lunchbox Sketches Original Art (2006) What is more novel than to take a lunchbox to San Diego Comic Con to be signed and sketched on by comic artists and pop[...]
From Manara To Mignola To Madueira - Original Artwork Up For Auction
Light frame wear and overall Excellent condition. Currently at $850 which is more like it. Mike Mignola Mike Mignola and Mark Nelson Hellraiser #13 Story Page 8 Original Art (Marvel, 1992). Grisly panels play out in eternal damnation on this page by super stars Mignola and Nelson Ink over graphite on Marvel Bristol board with an image area of 10" x[...]
Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden Expand "Outerverse" Continuity
Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, Hellboy novelist Christopher Golden, and artist Peter Bergting are creating three new Outerverse  titles as part of the expansion of the continuity at Dark Horse Comics Cojacaru The Skinner, Imogen Of The Wyrding Way and The Golem Walks Among Us, are three one-shots that will expand the shared world of Baltimore, Joe[...]
Comics Folk Remember The Late Richard Corben
He has sat in his throne a long time, above the moving and multi-colored field of world comics, like an effigy of the leader, a strange monolith, a sublime visitor, a solitary enigma" pic.twitter.com/0RRZdYncx8 — Mike Mignola (@artofmmignola) December 10, 2020 R I P the great Richard Corben I discovered him way back when (alongside Moebius) in an[...]
Hellboy Dives Into Hardcover Origins In June 2021
Dark Horse Comics and Mike Mignola are digging deep for their next dive into the rich published history of Hellboy for their hardcover collections. Hellboy Dives Into Hardcover Origins In June 2021 Fans of the Hellboy universe know that Rasputin is the man responsible for bringing Hellboy to Earth, but when did the mad monk find his[...]
Hellboy Universe Essentials:
Dark Horse has announced a new line of Hellboy collections, in the manner of the Marvel and EC Essentials volumes, the Hellboy Universe Essentials volumes, four books reprinting classic Hellboy stories curated by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, with new covers by Mignola and Dave Stewart. Mike Mignola Announces Hellboy Universe Essentials For 2021 "In some cases—B.P.R.D[...]
ReedPOP NYCC/MCM Annual Charity Art Auction Going Ahead Online
Running from the 2nd of October until the 11th of October, among this year's participating creators include Mike Mignola, Jim Lee, Yoshitaka Amano, Frank Quietly, Doug Mahnke, and Kim Jung Gi This announcement comes just a week in advance of New York Comic Con and MCM Comic Con's Metaverse, the all-digital event kicking off on[...]
Mike Mignola Suggests That Nazi-Punching Hellboy Might Vote Biden/Harris
Hellboy creator Mike Mignola posted the following illustration on social media over the weekend. While many were lightened to see the illustration, a number were not. Writer Emmanuel Pacings replied "From what I know about Hellboy I feel like he would be apolitical", with comic book writer John Reppion's response "Old Nazi punching hellboy? That one? Apolitical?" Combat[...]
The Future Of The MCU – and a Mike Mignola Tote Bag – This Weekend
Oh and running at the same time as DC Fandome. There is also going to be content from comic book creators John Giang, Sanford Greene, Kim Jung Gi, Mindy Lee, Mike Mignola, William Stout and J Scott Campbell through the weekend Hayao Miyazaki and Brian Froud will be receiving The Concept Art Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award[...]
Early Hellboy In Competitive Auction - Next Men #21 CGC 9.0 Vs 9.6
Both published by Dark Horse Comics at the time, Mike Mignola's Hellboy made one of his earliest appearances in John Byrne's Next Men #21, albeit it a fictionalised version of himself, before Dark Horse published Hellboy #1 As a result, it has become quite the collectible over the years On Wednesday, at the ComicConnect Auctions,[...]