Reaction To Lois Lane's Fate In Superwoman #1 Is Angry But Measured (SPOILERS)

So, yesterday, DC Comics launched Superwoman, a comic book advertised as featuring a Lois Lane with super powers. And it did. For one issue.

Because at the end of the comic, we saw Lois Lane die, in pretty much the same way that the New 52 Superman died. Lana Lang promoted to the role in the comic. And the DC Universe left with the parallel dimension older, married "housewife Lois" as I have seen her referred to.

The internet… reacted.

There's denial…

But Phil Jimenez clarifies in an interview with Comicosity in which they manage not to directly ask him about this issue. Though he only mentions Lois Lane by name once.

And we were designing covers – the first six covers for the first two arcs – and it was interesting because we're trying to figure out how, knowing how far in advance art gets released, what to show and what not. You know, to maintain surprise. What can be symbolic while not pissing readers off.

So one cover is a spin on what happens in the book. It's a little clever, a little playful, and my hope is that people don't mind that playfulness because part of that is just keeping things for the first few issues under wraps.


One nice thing about Lois Lane fans, even the angriest ones? No death threats. Which is, at least, classy. And writer Phil Jimenez does offer some hope…


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