Deadpool Cosplay Mania At New York Comic Con – A Modern Convention Curiosity Plus Photogallery

June Vigants writes from New York Comic Con for Bleeding Cool:

I attended my first NYCC (and my first comics convention for that matter), when I was sixteen. Since then, I've attended a variety of small press expos, smaller regional conventions, and larger-scale events such as NYCC. I've witnessed a multitude of jokes and memes that con-goers and fans have participated in, some unsavory and impractical, others just off-the-wall. None have been more curious than that of the Deadpool cosplayer.

The Deadpool cosplayer comes in many shapes, sizes, ages, and variations. Batman Deadpool, French Maid Deadpool. Ballerina Deadpool, Posing-as-Spiderman-Deadpool. Babies, body-builders, lanky-teens – Deadpool defies gender, race, and the fourth wall.

Have you ever stopped and really considered the Deadpool cosplayers? I've seen them in group activities, on numerous cosplay videos taunting other costumes characters- they surprisingly fit in almost every genre, era, and category. Perhaps it's the character of Deadpool as a sarcastic comedic relief. The fragmented nature of Deadpool as a character is mirrored in the way the cosplays manifest. Deadpool is very much like the trickster figures of myth – he exists a gray area between practical function and chaotic destruction for the hell of it and in that fluidity, he can be anyone and anything. Maybe that's his draw.

I will say, though, that there is definitely something peculiar about children cosplaying as Deadpool. Given his mercenary status and brutal behavior, it can be strange to say that least to see a five year old with fake costume abs walking around with his likeness. That phenomenon could be it's own article. Regardless, I enjoyed capturing as many Deadpools as I could with my phone this past weekend at NYCC.

I'd say I am relatively new to conventions so I'm not quite certain when this phenomenon began, but it's certainly something large-scale now. My only first-hand exposure to Deadpool has been an issue of the Great Lakes Avengers with him in it. From an outside perspective, it's a genuine marvel. Deadpool cosplayers, whatever you guys are doing, you're doing it well.

I had intended to take photos throughout the weekend of every Deadpool I saw, but in time they came to me. In the form of a massive high-five conga line. The following photos were taken in rapid succession.

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