New York Comic Con 2014

NYCC 2014: Stephen Amell's Q&A Does Not Fail New York City

By Paul GullasWith Arrow's season premiere airing the night before NYCC began, it may have been a little surprising that there wasn't an official panel for the hit CW show at New York Comic Con 2014 But there was a panel devoted to the show's star Stephen Amell that ended up being a de facto[...]

Garth Ennis Talks Crossed At New York Comic Con (VIDEO)

Bleeding Cool reporter Shawn Perry caught up with the man, the legend Garth Ennis at New York Comic Con for a mini video interview on Crossed. The con announcements revealed Ennis' new webcomic Crossed: Dead or Alive will begin airing on Thursdays on and accompany a fund-raising drive for live action webisodes of Crossed. […]

47 Photos Of Artists Alley At New York Comic Con

Courtesy of Christine Stephan, we can take you on an Artists Alley walk at New York Comic Con, without the crowds that actually made the Alley a little difficult to traverse at times during the con, such was the appeal of comic art, though this was a happy problem to have. Here are 47 photos […]

And Still More: 158 Cosplay Photos From New York Comic Con

Our Bleeding Coolers were all about the cameras this New York Comic Con, and we've had outstanding cosplay coverage. Here is yet another gallery for your viewing thrills. Contributing photographers on this gallery include Christine Stephan, Jemal Flores, and Adam Wolfe.

The Big One: 320 Photos Of Cosplay At New York Comic Con 2014

In addition to the stunning cosplay galleries presented to us from New York Comic Con by our Senior Cosplay Correspondent and Comics and Cosplay host Ian Mageto, numbering 135 photos, and 151 photos already, we have "The Big One" now, 320 photos taken on the first and last days of New York Comic Con 2014.Wowzers![gallery[...]

Ales Kot Talks War, Violence, And Politics At New York Comic Con (VIDEO)

By Adi Tantimedh Ales Kot talks eloquently about the themes of war, violence and politics in his writing, all present in Zero, Secret Avengers and Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier. [youtube] [/youtube] Apologies for the slightly rough quality of the video. Conversations at Follow the official LOOK! IT MOVES! twitter feed at for […]