Get A Sneak Peek At Michael Moorcock's Elric Vol. 2: Stormbringer From Titan

The first volume of Elric, adapted from the classic novels by Michael Moorcock is already out, and the artwork has been much praised on the Moorcock-sanctioned edition of his work, and Titan have the second volume of the series in the works, set for a March 4th 2015 release date. Elric Vol. 2: Stormbringer may be a ways down the pipeline, but we can still get a peek at the second installment of the planned 4 graphic novel series.

Elric Vol. 2 Cover

Titan describe the book thus:

Nyrkoon fled Melniboné with Elric's beloved Cymoril. Left behind, heartbroken and humiliated, the albino emperor pursues them with the help of Straasha, King of the Sea Elementals. Finding that Yyrkoon is hiding in the ruins of Dhoz Kham, in the heart of the Young Kingdoms, Elric prepares to challenge his treacherous cousin and rescue Cymoril. But little does he know that this quest will forever change his destiny, as he finds the legendary cursed sword Stormbringer…

Volume 2 is written by Julien Blondel and Jean-Luc Cano, with artwork by Julien Telo, Didier Poli, Robin Recht, Scarlett Smulkowski, and Jean Bastide, and will run to 64 pages.

Here's our sneak peek preview:

Elric Vol. 2 Preview1 Elric Vol. 2 Preview2 Elric Vol. 2 Preview3 Elric Vol. 2 Preview4

And if you want to go back to the book that launched the series, you can even watch the trailer here for Vol. 1:


Elric Vol. 2: Stormbringer will arrive on March 4th, but is already listed for order in Previews with order code: DEC141678

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