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Titan Comics is launching Jee-Hyung Lee's Gumaa: The Beginning Of Her #1 in December, as well as publishing more Conan and Life Is Strange – now with added Zoe Thorogood, and Jeremy Whitley and Megan Huang's graphic novel Cold Ever After They are also publishing two tie-in titles to Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon, hitting Netflix[...]
Doctor Who: Doom’s Day Comics Offer Fanservice, Not Much More
With only 24 hours to live, she arranges for her booker to send her on one new job every hour across Time and Space where the Doctor is likely to appear, hoping that he or she might help her survive. Doctor Who: Doom's Day – Better than Previous Chapters Of all the Doctor Who: Doom's Day stories,[...]
Zoe Thorogood To Write Life Is Strange Comic
On her return to the UK, Titan Comics has announced that she will be writing the comic book based on the videogame Life Is Strange with Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not, drawn by Claudia Leonary and coloured by Andrea Izzo. "FORGET-ME-NOT introduces two fan-favourite characters from Life Is Strange: True Colors to the unique Titan Comics timeline[...]
Titan Comics does Jimi Hendrix as well in a new graphic novel based on Purple Haze by Mellow Brown, DJ BenHa Meen and Tom Mandrake, in Titan Comics' September 2023 solicits and solicitations Which also includes everything from Noun Town to Bloodborne to  Conan to Dead By Daylight. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width:[...]
Bloodborne: Lady Of Lanterns by Cullen Bunn and Piotr Kowalski concluded from Titan Comics last year And now, in September it is starting up again from the same creative team and Titan Comics – who are clearly still in the Cullen Bunn business, with Bloodborne: The Bleak Dominion, starting in September 2023. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]
San Diego Comic Con 2023 Exclusive Comics
Three of the titles, Frank Frazetta's Tales Of Science Fantasy #1 from Opus, Red Sonja #1 from Dynamite and Conan #1 from Titan Comics have covers that show off the San Diego Convention Centre where the show will be taking place.  The others are Fishflies #1, Radiant Pink TPB, Swan Songs #1 from Image Comics,[...]
Dead By Daylight To Debut At MCM London At Forbidden Planet Stall
The comic book prequel of Dead By Daylight by Nadia Shammas and Dilon Snook is to be published by Titan Comics on Wednesday, the 31st of May, 2023 But Dead By Daylight #1 will debut this Friday at the Forbidden Planet stall at MCM London Comic Con with an exclusive Claudia Ianniciello Foil Variant, the[...]
Cover image for DOCTOR WHO DOOM #2 (OF 2) CVR B PHOTO
Titan's solicitation listings for August 2023 Previews include new sci-fi series Blitmap by Jack Timmer and Matias Basla, the return of Robotech to Titan Comics, with Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 written by Brandon Easton and Simone Raggazoni Also featured is Quentin By Tarantino, the graphic novel by Améziane Amazing that follows the life story of the auteur[...]
Conan The Barbarian #2 with Pictish Scout Brissa From Titan in August
Conan The Barbarian #1 comes to Titan Comics and Heroic Signatures at the end of July, from Jim Zub, Roberto De La Torre and Dean White introducing his new Pictish companion Brissa But what comes next? Why issue two of course Details and covers below… CONAN THE BARBARIAN #2 (ONGOING) Writer: Jim Zub Artists: Roberto De La Torre,[...]
All 16 Free Comic Book Day 2023 Titles Also Released Digitally So Far
Then, in The Witcher "Frog Kiss," Geralt must uncover why the young women in Novigrad are turning into frogs! Star Trek: Prelude to Day of Blood To boldly go, join us for the exclusive prelude to IDW's FIRST Star Trek Summer Crossover Event as STAR TREK and STAR TREK: DEFIANT collide in STAR TREK: DAY OF BLOOD![...]
Titan Comics is launching a brand new Robotech comic book series in August, Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 written by Brandon Easton and drawn by Simone Ragazzoni. Robotech: Rick Hunter #1 Writer: Brandon Easton Artist(s): Simone Ragazzoni Publisher: Titan Comics THE WAIT IS OVER…ROBOTECH LAUNCHES INTO AN EPIC NEW SERIES! After the devastating events of the Macross saga, RICK HUNTER must[...]
Quentin Tarantino: The Graphic Novel
Quentin By Tarantino is an original graphic novel by Améziane Amazing from Titan Comics coming out this October And, clue is in the title, it's about Quentin Tarantino But not by Quentin Tarantino. "The story transports readers into the crazy world of Quentin Tarantino – exploring the many twists and turns of his groundbreaking career to[...]
Gun Honey Gets Spinoff, Heat Seeker, With Artgerm
At the upcoming ComicsPRO retailer event this week, in Pittsburgh, Titan Comics will be publicising the new Gun Honey spinoff, Heat Seeker, by Charles Ardai, Ace Continuado, Jose Zapata and Asifur Rahman, with covers including this one from Stanley Artgerm Lau. Starring a new heroine, Dahlia Racers, Gun Honey Presents: Heart Seekers will debut on the[...]
Nadia Shammas and Dillon Snook are creating a Dead By Daylight prequel comic book, being published in May by Titan Comics Those who buy the comic book can also  unlock an exclusive in-game charm when playing the Dead By Daylight video game, using the unique code found inside the comic Here are Titan's full May[...]
Danilo Beyruth's Love Kills to Be Published in English by Titan Comics
Love Kills was a graphic novel by Danilo Beyruth, published in French in hardcover by Soleil in 2021, is now getting an English edition in paperback in September 2023 from Titan Comics. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ "When you have[...]
Enrico Marini's Noir Burlesque, Now From Titan Comics
Noir Burlesque is a graphic novel set in 1950s New York City by Enrico Marini from Titan Comics and Hard Case Crime, "an atmospheric, violent crime caper set in 1950s New York, with everything from femme fatales to double-crosses In this fast-paced, classic pulp noir adventure, a heist gone wrong forces Slick to do a[...]
Noucs: Nowntown Launches In Titan Comics 2023 Solicits
Titan Comics' Senior Editor David Leach is writing a new comic book being published Titan Comics in their April 2023 solicits and solicitations, based on the Nouns DAO NFTs, to be drawn by Danny Schlitz From the Nouns website, "Nouns are an experimental attempt to improve the formation of on-chain avatar communities While projects such[...]
Conan Comes To Titan Comics March 2023 Solicits
The graphic novel Mother Nature by Jamie Lee Curtis, Russell Goldman and Karl Stevens was meant to be published by Titan Comics last month It wasn't Instead, it will now be published in Juen 2023, as part of Titan Comics' confusingly titled March 2023 solicits and solicitations Titan Comics will also be publishing the Barry[...]
Titan Comics February 2023 Solicits & Solicitations
Titan Comics has released their solicits and solicitations for January 2023 No Doctor Who, no Sherlock, no Rivers Of London, no Cyberpunk… but there is Conan The Barbarian, Runescape, Moriarty, Kamen Rider, Blade Runner, Sea Of Thieves, and more And White Noise's Ryan O'Sullivan taking on Runescape for Free Comic Book Day… CONAN THE BARBARIAN: FREE[...]
Titan Comics January 2023 Solicits
Titan Comics has released their solicits and solicitations for January 2023 No Doctor Who, no Sherlock, no Rivers Of London, no Cyberpunk… but there is Blade Runner, Kamen Rider, a collection of Amplitude Studio's Endless Space 2 Stories, which will be published physically for the first time in February 2023 And also featured is Astroneer:[...]
Preview page from Kamen Rider: Zero-One #1, by Brandon Easton, Hendry Prasetya,Bryan Valenza, and Deron Bennet, in storeson November 23rd from Titan Comics
This November, Titan Comics will expand on the universe of the hit TV show with a new four-issue comic book series Titan has revealed a four-page preview of Kamen Rider: Zero-One #1, leaving us with a difficult dilemma: how do we turn a preview into a listicle to satisfy Bleeding Cool's editorial mandate of "all[...]
DC Comics Switches Glossy Cardstock Cover To Matt Cardstock Covers
And it begins in Titan Comics' December 2022 solicits and solicitations, alongside Gun Honey, Kamen Rider, Sherlock and The Three Ghosts Of Tesla. BLADE RUNNER 2039 #1 CVR A YOON (MR) TITAN COMICS OCT221244 OCT221245 – BLADE RUNNER 2039 #1 CVR B FISH (MR) – 3.99 OCT221246 – BLADE RUNNER 2039 #1 CVR C MEAD (MR) – 3.99 OCT221247 – BLADE[...]
Titan Comics November 2022 Solicits
Titan Comics solicits and solicitations for November 2023 begins with Kamen Rider Zero-One – but no Doctor Who for anniversary month??? #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ KAMEN RIDER: ZERO-ONE #1 Writer(s): Brandon Easton Artist(s): Hendry Prasetya Publisher: Titan Comics FC, 32pp, $3.99 On sale: November[...]
All 34 Covers To Gun Honey: Blood For Blood #1 Including Exclusives
Next week sees the release of the new pulp crime series Gun Honey from Titan Comics, Gun Honey: Blood For Blood #1 And they are launching with a tonne of exclusive covers from a variety of retailers as well as one or two of their own as well No acetate covers yet though… bdetails below… All[...]
Leigh Baulch Retires From Forbidden Planet And Titan Comics
Here are a few; Leigh Baulch, coiurtesy of Titan Comics Nick Landau & Vivian Cheung-Landau, Owners/CEOs Titan/Forbidden Planet: "To say Titan's Group Operations Director Leigh Baulch is multi-talented is like saying Clark Kent is quite strong When we first met, Leigh was working logistics at a freight agent in Heathrow and, on the side, sketching out character[...]
Titan Comics is generally a month behind the rest of the publishers listed in Diamond Previews What with them being in Britain and all So in their September 2022 solicits and solicitations we get their comic books to be published in October, including the Dan Slott Doctor Who One-Shot he has been waiting to carve[...]
But now the Hollywood Reporter reports that Titan Comics, the publisher owned by Nick and Vivian Landau, who also own Forbidden Planet, will be working with Heroic Signature publishing the series, as well as other comic books based on the works of Robert E Howard, alongside Heroic Signature, the intellectual property house that currently owns[...]
Gun Honey Volume 1 Review: Old-Fashioned Male Gazey Pulp
The backmatter in the collection felt comprehensive, as it included all of the covers, a couple of short essays, and some pencils from Kheng. If Hard Case Crime and Titan Comics can keep the team of Ardai, Kheng, Rahman, and letterer David Leach together, they've got an instantly recognizable guilty pleasure on their hands. The award winning[...]
Cullen Bunn and Piotr Kowalski launch the new comic book series based on the video game Bloodborne, with Bloodborne: Lady Of Lanterns, from Titan Comics As well as the Astro Boy prequel by Osamu Tezuka, Masami Yuuki and Tetsuro Kasahara, and more Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Rivers Of London and Blade Runner in Titan's July 2022[...]