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Take Lots With Absinthe: Doctor Radar's Pulpy Prescription

Take Lots With Absinthe: Doctor Radar's Pulpy Prescription

I can't remember what year I bought the first issue of Doctor Radar, but I know it was at C2E2, and I know it was at the Titan Comics booth. Judging by the publication dates (Titan announced their European imprint, Statix Press, at San Diego 2017), I'm going to guess 2018. I bought first issues […]

The Thirteenth Doctor Who On Martha’s Feelings For Her - and Him

The Thirteenth Doctor Who On Martha's Feelings For Her – and Him (Spoilers)

Next week sees the release of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor: Season Two #1 comic book by Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata from Titan Comics. And, for the first issue the Thirteenth Doctor and family are Back To The Future II-ing the Tenth Doctor and Martha classic Blink by Steven Moffat. and while the first issue […]

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Titan Comics to Publish the Philosophy Of Deadpool…

Towards the end of the month, Titan Comics are publishing The Philosophy Of Deadpool. What they call a unique take on Marvel's katana-wielding, gun-toting, insult-firing anti-hero. This book presents the most outrageous moments from Deadpool's comic book history in a definitive guide to his wisdom, insights and guiding moral principles. Have you ever been in a […]

Tale Told By Dead Men: The Night And Others [Comic Reviews]

I feel kinda bad putting new issues of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and The Life And Death Of Toyo Harada next to a stone cold classic of French science fiction, but c'est la vie. Druillet's The Night Druillet's The Night: "Death…everywhere, Death with its garland of glistening rot…" Created as a response to his wife […]

I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone: Monster by Enki Bilal

I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone: Monster by Enki Bilal

I thought I'd never read the end of Monster. Humanoids released the first half of it in 2004 (they called it The Beast Trilogy), and no more followed. When I found three copies of that slim Humanoids paperback at C2E2 a couple years back from today, I bought all three just so I could loan […]

"Blade Runner 2019" #1: The Future is Right About Now, Right? (REVIEW)

"Blade Runner 2019" #1: The Future is Right About Now, Right? (REVIEW)

I was just a couple of pages into the new Blade Runner: 2019 comic from Titan Comics when that old, happy feeling washed over me— that feeling you get when you realize you're getting into something wonderful, something truly special. This new Blade Runner might be in the same world that Deckard lives and breathes […]

'Newbury & Hobbes: the Undying' Victorian Sense and Steampunk Sensibility (REVIEW)

'Newbury & Hobbes: the Undying' – Victorian Sense and Steampunk Sensibility

Steampunk is one of those genres that could be amazing. There have certainly been some fun attempts at bringing steampunk to life, but a lot fall short. There has to be something more than steam driven devices and clockwork to make steampunk tick. Newbury & Hobbes certainly has that tick. George Mann brings the characters […]

'Doctor Who: the Thirteenth Doctor #7'- The Doctor Wants a Lanyard for Her Troubles

'Doctor Who: the Thirteenth Doctor #7'- The Doctor Wants a Lanyard for Her Troubles

I absolutely love when a comic-book adaptation of a franchise property captures the "voice" of said franchise. Titan Comics' new Doctor Who series, based on the off camera adventures of Jodie Whittaker's thirteenth Doctor, manages to do exactly that. When confronted by Time Agency operatives Schulz and Perkins, the Doctor wonders aloud about why she […]

'Robotech' #20 Sets the Stage for All New Storyline

'Robotech' #20 Sets the Stage for All New Storyline

Issue 20 of Robotech opens with a pretty impressive space battle between the defenders of the SDF-1 and Supreme Commander Dolza's Zentraedi invasion fleet. It's a harried affair, with Rick Hunter leading a fresh offensive aboard the Skull-One, the veritech fighter formerly piloted by his "big brother", Roy Fokker. Captain Lisa Hayes is summoned to […]

Robotech #19: Dolza Destroys Los Angeles, plus Cannon Measuring Contest (REVIEW)

Robotech #19: Dolza Destroys Los Angeles! (REVIEW)

The old joke's punchline is something along the lines of "I think I can see my house from up here". On the opening page of Robotech #19, I can clearly see the crater where the house I grew up in was. The Zentraedi fleet, under orders from Supreme Commander Dolza, has wiped Los Angeles off […]

Bill Sienkiewicz to Illustrate Autobiography of Santa Claus

Titan Comics has announced plans to publish the autobiography of Santa Claus, a press release revealed Thursday. The book is called Santa: My Life & Times, and it features "the untold, personal story of Santa's miraculous life" as told to author Jared Green and illustrated by legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz. How Green came to meet […]

Titan Sets Snowpiercer Prequel Graphic Novel for September

Titan Comics will publish a prequel graphic novel to Snowpiercer this Fall, ahead of the supposed eventual debut of the TNT Snowpiecer TV show. The Hollywood Reporter had the Pulitzer-worthy scoop – by which of course we mean Titan gave them the press release before anyone else. The new graphic novel is called Snowpiercer: The […]

Meet Ash: She's the New Blade Runner For 2019

We'd previously been told about Titan Comics' new Blade Runner 2019 comic book series co-written by Michael Green (screenwriter of Blade Runner 2049), and that one of the characters would be a female Blade Runner called Ash. Well, from the solicitation for the collection coming out in November, it appears that she may be the […]

'Robotech' #18 Hints that there's Something Else to Minmei (REVIEW)

I am still pretty thrilled with Titan Comics' re-imagining of Robotech, that stalwart nostalgic defender of early '80s anime adaptations. The team behind Robotech has taken some daring chances in their storytelling, and so far have made a very well-traveled path seem new and unpredictable without losing track of what makes the journey worth taking […]

Roy Faces off Against Rick in Robotech #17 (REVIEW)

Claudia Grant has confronted the clone of Roy Fokker about the murder of Captain Henry Gloval, and barely survives the encounter in the opening pages of Robotech #17, Titan Comic's excellent re-telling of the classic anime series. Simon Furman's script continues to take the well-established Robotech narrative and turn it coyly on its ear; Karl […]

Doctor Who Series 12 Hiatus Hijinks: What to Watch While We Wait…And Wait

It is a brand new year, 'Resolution' and its Dalek has come and gone, and we are now in for at least a year of waiting before we get any new Doctor Who television adventures…so what is a Whovian to do? While I have seriously considered just being sad and yelling at people on the internet, there […]