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Doctor Who And Rose Have A Daughter And Her Name Is Mia
The Doctor likes to keep things in the family. Next week, Titan Comics publishes a new Doctor Who comic book series, Empire Of The Bad Wolf, featuring two Doctors and two Roses Written by Jody Houser and drawn by Roberta Ingranata, it has been promoted as being the 25th anniversary of the Paul McGann Eighth Doctor,[...]
PrintWatch: Godkiller, Sweet Paprika
The third printing of Gun Honey from Titan Comics also did the business as well But you can also see the effect that retailers switching from Diamond to PRH for Marvel Comics had on the prominence of the likes of the Hulk #1 launch. What's The Furthest Place From Here Topped Advance Reorders Though Matthew Rosenberg also[...]
New York Comic Con 2021 Logo
Titan Comics announced their panels at New York Comic Con 2021, and every single one is Thursday, October 7th at 10:00 AM No time zone mentioned, but presumably Titan and Reed Pop mean Eastern Standard Time, which is New York City's time zone. New York Comic Con 2021 Logo Sadly, there's no Statix Press (Titan's euro comics[...]
Hitting The Beach With Gun Honey As We Review Issue #1
King is even quoted on the Diamond Comics order website listing for this issue, stating, "Charles Ardai is very smart and very cool fellow." If King says so, it has to be true, right? Cover for Gun Honey, courtesy of Titan Comics. This issue starts out by introducing us to the central character on a beach, in[...]
Titan to Publish Cowboy Bebop Comic by Dan Watters and Lamar Mathurin
Titan Comics has announced a deal with Netflix to publish the official fiction, non-fiction, and comics for the upcoming series, Cowboy Bebop, set to premier on Netflix on the 19th of November Including in December, an original four-issue comic book mini-series, Cowboy Bebop: The Comic Series featuring the characters from the show, by Dan Watters[...]
Titan Confirms Two Doctors & Two Roses Doctor Who Comic in November
We stated that it may also be serialised by Titan Comics before, and November would be a good time to start that off, for the annual anniversary celebration thing Just speculation at that point But we were bang on Here's the release; Titan Comics are excited to announce that this November will see the launch of[...]
Eighth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Two Rose Tylers In New Doctor Who Comic
Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf by Jody Houser and Roberta Ingranata is a graphic novel from the regular Titan Comics creative team to be published on the 3rd of May in, 2022 It may also be serialised by Titan Comics before, and November would be a good time to start that off, for the[...]
Titan To Publish Norm Konyu's The Junction In Hardcover in 2022
Titan Comics is to professionally publish the debut graphic novel by Norm Konyu, The Junction, in April next year A critically acclaimed indie comic from 2020, it will now be made available internationally to comic book shops and bookstores. Norm Konyu is an animator who began his career during the traditional era of pencil and paper,[...]
Titan Comics is collecting the first of their V.E Schwab comic book series, Extraordinary, as a graphic novel that spins out of her Villains' series of books, in a variety of formats including a golden signed version, as well as continuing the adaptation of Michael Moorcock's work, new Rivers Of London and Life Is Strange[...]
Titan Comics is publishing Gun Honey, the debut graphic novel from award-winning writer and co-founder of hard case crime publishing, Charles Ardai, drawn by Ang Hor Kheng and with covers from Bill Sienkiewicz among others They are also publishing the final Life Is Strange comic book series, Settling Dust, spinning out of their August Free[...]
Doctor Who: A Dive into Series 13 Rumours That Probably Aren’t True
Originally listed on Penguin Random House's distribution website, but now deleted, Titan Comics were initially planning a Doctor Who Event comic to run alongside the thirteenth series of the new Doctor Who series – but have now cancelled it as it was to have starred Captain Jack Harkness From Doctor Who comics team of Jody[...]
Some Thoughts On The Knights of Heliopolis
Titan Comics released The Knights of Heliopolis last month, a collection of four albums from Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jérémy. The Knights of Heliopolis comes with a quote from Pusha T producer Kanye West on the cover, which one hopes will move copies of the book As with most Alejandro Jodorowsky works, his psychomagic rituals are a[...]
Titan Comics has committed to publishing comic book adaptation of every Michael Moorcock Elric-related novel, starting with Elric: Dreaming City #1 by Julien Blondel and Julien Telo in August Here's details of the first issue along with everything else Titan Comics is offering from August 2021 in their solicits and solicitations. ELRIC DREAMING CITY #1 CVR[...]
First Look Inside Peach Momoko's Horizon Zero Dawn Poster Portfolio
Either arranged before Peach Momoko went Marvel Comics exclusive, or carved out of her exclusive contract as this is not technically a comic book, but a collection of her comic book cover and sketch work for Titan Comics' Horizon Zero Dawn comic books. First Look Inside Peach Momoko's Horizon Zero Dawn Poster Portfolio Momoko is a Japanese illustrator[...]
First LooV. E. Schwab’s Extraordinary #1
Schwab's Extraordinary #1 From Titan Comics ExtraOrdinary, or EO: a person who has survived a near-death experience and returned with superpowers These powers are the product not only of how the person nearly died, but their final thoughts at the moment of death Incredibly rare, and potentially dangerous to themselves and others, few people know about the existence[...]