Hustling Artwork In Australia

Seller 2010lab72 of Australia sells a number of art prints on eBay, those of which I have checked appear to have been taken off websites, personal and business, printed up, and sold online. They do quite a good turnaround it seems, especially since they don't choose to ask of pay licensing fees or any some such – something I confirmed with some of the original creators.

Such as this piece, actually the work of artist Dimidi, who was rather grateful when I contacted her and seems to have got the seller to take it down.

Or this piece, the work of Róbert Farkas.

Or this, by Dave White,

However, if artists do contact the seller through eBay, they seem to take the listings down, though I didn;t hget any responses to my inquiries. And there are 1145 listings in that name right now – with 717 sales since July,

While Hustle Living, also based in Australia, has a website with a number of very familiar splatterprints for sale…


Such as this ripping off the work of Adam and Joe Kubert – and more you might recognise.


But in this case, I did have a lovely long phone conversation by the owner, horrified that this might be an issue. That she was the buyer of work from suppliers rather than the generators, who assured her it was all above above board. When I informed her that the artists in question might see it differently, she apologised, told me she was going to take these examples down and look more widely at the other splatterprint imagery she sells.


It's good to talk.

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