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s1The Sunday Comics. Campaign Ends: August 5, 2015. Publishing Date September-December 2015

Marc Goldner and Rachel Korsen write,

Sunday Morning June 28th, 2015.

You just brought home a newspaper. You open it up and you flip to the comics section, but you realize it's not there. Next Sunday, you go get the Sunday Paper that isn't there anymore. Almost a sad story, until The Sunday Comics was born. The Sunday Comics is a giant sized quarterly anthology in full color that houses over 150 creators on over 200 pages coming straight to your door by delivery!
The love of comics that we all share is something that transcends geopolitical boundaries, race, ethnicity, and gender. The passion we exhibit for art that is either funny, beautiful, or thought provoking is something that drove us to create The Sunday Comics. It has one funny story after another. From working days on end with no sleep, traveling across the eastern seaboard of the U.S. for interviews to someone (AHEM: Rich Johnston) giving us an awesome spotlight on Bleeding Cool. Before we get into the nitty gritty of our project let's talk about what The Sunday Comics is all about. The Sunday Comics is one truly original comics publication. It is featuring original art from over 150 creators and will have over 200 pages of content, from the original artwork, archival original scans from The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, to some amazing reprints we just couldn't pass up. We have given our artists a space to do something that isn't being done anywhere else. We've enabled our creators to have relatively no restrictions on the content that they create which has brought to life some of the most innovative pages of art we've ever laid our eyes on in any comic ever. The content itself ranges in nature. Instead of what you'd expect in a traditional newspaper (Classifieds, News, Sports, etc.) we replaced that concept and spun it into something new entirely. The Sunday Comics sports a plethora of different sections ranging from Illustrations, Web Comics (from the hilarious Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, The Gentlemans Armchair, Danielle Corsetto's Girls with Slingshots, and Poorly Drawn Lines), Animators (from the likes of Bill Plympton, Julieta Colas of Rick and Morty, Kyle Carozza of Spongebob, Fil Barlow of Godzilla, Bambos Georgiou of Wallace & Grommit, Rugrats & Transformers, and Robert Sikoryak from Nickelodeon), Sci Fi & Fantasy (from the likes of Jack Katz, S.M. Vidaurri, Mike Collins of Doctor Who, and Mark Wheatley), and Traditional Strips to just name a few. The last of the sections mentioned struck a real chord with us and bringing original Little Nemo scans to the page and having the ability to create our own Garfield comics is something that has combined a nostalgic feeling with just general excitement. It's something you're going to love! These comics you'll be able to share and enjoy for years to come, with endless laughter and philosophical debates to last a lifetime. The Sunday Comics is something that we're extremely humbled to have created and are proud to show it off to the world after so long!

The curators for The Sunday Comics, Marc Goldner and Rachel Korsen have been dating for four years today. We have been working on The Sunday Comics for almost a year now and have had some crazy tumultuous times to say the least. We couldn't share all the ups and downs we've had on this, yes believe it or not folks we've had some real intense debates, okay they were full on arguments on everything from content curation, skipping meals & sleep to the way things should look on half a second of the Kickstarter video. Driving around looking for a Sunday Paper after almost giving up was one of the big sparks of this idea. Amazingly, looking back at everything we laughed and laughed until we cried at how great each and every second turned out the night before launch. We watched the final video which took us months to complete and had edited down a compiled seven hours of footage to just a few short minutes. The end goal was something we are really proud of and we know that you're all going to love this as much as we do!

Let's dive back into what The Sunday Comics is all about. This one of a kind anthology (which actually will be ongoing) comes in two stellar formats (aside from over 30 awesome reward tiers of original signed art just for you!). The first format is a traditional U.S. Broadsheet newspaper, which sizes in at 15" Width by 22" Height, yes that's in inches! Our second format comes in as a Hardcover Collectors Edition sizing in at 15" Width by 21.5" Height another real Behemoth! You won't find anything like The Sunday Comics on any news stand, any comic shop, or any e-tailer you've ever shopped at. We launch here, and we are LIVE NOW and only available for order at Kickstarter!

All Bleeding Cool backers just have to message us and we'll send you a special preview that's only available to YOU now!

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THE CREATORS themselves, just a taste (aside from the ones listed above)…
Tom Bancroft the animator of Aladdin, Mulan, Lion King and Pocohontas
Roger Langridge from Judge Dredd and The Muppets
Tom Gamill from Seinfeld & The Simpsons
Dean Haspiel of American Splendor
Guy Gilchrist of The Muppets Fame
Pat Byrnes from The New Yorker
Terry Laban from Mad Magazine
Fran Kruase of Deep Dark Fears
Anas Awad from Archer

A preview of Bambos Georgiou's piece for The Sunday Comics
s2Julieta Colas of Rick & Morty Fame


Bill Plympton master animator and Oscar Nominee


Bill Sienkiewicz Comic Book Extraordinaire


Web Comic by Wes Hotchkiss

The wonderful Danielle Corset


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