Party List of New York Comic Con 2019

The New York Comic Con #NYCC Sunday Only Party List, 5th October 2019

This is the list for Sunday alone… though expect some of the events to keep going into Monday… Sunday 6th OctoberNerdcore After Party featuring MC Frontalot, Mega Ran & Wordburglar at The Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery, with the NY Debut for Wordburglar’s new album, SpaceVerse.CIB x Mr Robot Present fsociety Can Release.  f society beer release, 4 packs for $18 and screening[...]

Heathers: Paramount Network Pulled Sunday Eps in Light of Pittsburgh Shooting

Paramount Network's behind-the-scenes journey to get - and keep - Heathers on the air could be the basis for its own series - with the next chapter written this past weekend when the network pulled Sunday's two episodes following the Saturday synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh that left 11 dead Though Saturday's episodes aired as scheduled,[...]

Hamilton's Brandon Victor Dixon Previews NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert!

With NBC‘s Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert! set to bow before a live viewing audience this Easter Sunday, the network's released a small tease of what viewers can expect Sunday night in the form of Hamilton's Brandon Victor Dixon's (Judas) joining 400 singers from Choir! Choir! Choir! for an amazingly uplifting performance.Dixon joins a line-up that[...]


The Weekly Static s01e27: Tosh Renews, Flair "Wooo"s, and Tons More!

Presidential Election (…it's getting close…) and a "big box" from Pomme Frites — with five dipping sauces! Central Renews Tosh.0 Through 2020Ric Flair Briefly Sells $50 Sexual Consent Contract for Valentine’s Day Before Removing ItThe CW to Expand to Sunday Night Primetime ProgrammingReedPOP, Syfy Wire to Live-Stream NYCC, ECCC and C2E2 in New DealCobra Kai:[...]

Five Reasons The Sunday Comics Are Built To Last

By Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen, and Rob Gross Recently funded on Kickstarter, The Sunday Comics project brings back the best part of the newspaper with a unique spin on the classic format Completely funded within the first hour, the new publication will feature a host of various artists from all over world working on new stories.1)[...]

#ComicTalk Makes Your Sunday Special

I called it #ComicTalk, and I started alerting people on Twitter Saturday that the event would be happening Sunday I won’t lie, I had significant worries that nobody was going to show up, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.Shortly into the talk my Twitter feed began buzzing, to the point my phone fell off[...]

Here Are All The SDCC 2015 Panels For The Sunday – 107 Of Them

The Sunday programming for San Diego Comic Con 2015 is up Here are the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday programming...So what are you going to want to look out for? 10:00am DC Entertainment: Meet the Co-PublishersDCE's co-publishers are back in San Diego and better than ever Jim Lee and Dan DiDio are the driving forces behind DC You, Vertigo, MAD,[...]

It's Sunday Morning – What's Missing?

The Sunday Comics. Campaign Ends: August 5, 2015. Publishing Date September-December 2015Marc Goldner and Rachel Korsen write,Sunday Morning June 28th, 2015.You just brought home a newspaper You open it up and you flip to the comics section, but you realize it’s not there Next Sunday, you go get the Sunday Paper that isn’t there anymore[...]

Thatababy Reboots The Spider-Man Reboot

Cartoon strip Thatababy by Paul Trap did seem to get rather hung up on movie continuity in the new Amazing Spider-Man movie this weekend… The reboot of the reboot? Count me in!

Sunday, Comic Con Sunday…

Room 6DE Tags:  Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Comics | Superheroes 10:00-11:00 Comic Strip Legends— It's Sunday-what better day to sit and talk about some of our favorite comic strips with these legendary cartoonists! Comic-Con special guests Bill Amend  (FoxTrot), Tom Batiuk (Funky Winkerbean), Greg Evans (Luann), Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse), Dan Piraro[...]

Rolling The Bat Cave Stone Away…

I did a cameo as Miracle Max and if you are watching on television this Easter Sunday you will catch at least a snippet of my performance doing the memorable “he’s only mostly dead” scene One year I did my best impression of Michael Jackson in Robin of the Hood.This year we are pulling out[...]

New York Comic Con Sold Out For The Weekend… Except When It's Not

The New York Comic Con has been justifiable boasting about its sellouts for the weekend, with only Friday tickets available this morning. Odds are they will be a bit on the scarce side as well. Well, the owner of Bleeding Cool, William Christensen on Avatar would like me to point out that there are Avatar […]

The Baltimore Comic Con DC Panel That Wasn't

Follow him at @JoshuaLazarusIt was Sunday at the Baltimore Comic Con, and even the awful weather couldn’t keep thousands of fans away from the Baltimore Convention Center.Sunday has long been the day of the convention where Marvel and DC host their more open, discussion-based panels This year, due to Marvel’s absence, the attention was all[...]

San Diego Sunday Programming Strikes Back!

The final day of San Diego programming, for Sunday, has been released And here comes the comics And now we can count how many panels, events and signing Stan Lee will be doing, finding ways to split yourself into multiple bodies to attend multiple panels and at which points you should make opportune trips to[...]