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kjStop me if you've heard this one before.  But there was the first thing, then the final script page, then Brian Bolland's takeWould we get an explanation for why Batman is staring at his glove? Had he picked up a Joker needle? Was it the device he'd use to kill The Joker?

Most-Read Comic Stories Sunday:

When Brian Bolland Revealed What Happened Between Batman And The Joker 

But, with the discussion earlier, there was one page we wanted to especially see… Page 42. Would we get an explanation for why Batman is staring at his glove? Had he picked up a Joker needle? Was it the device he'd use to kill The Joker?

So How Did The Joker Die In The Killing Joke? And The Script Of The Final Page

But Julian looks at one of the Joker's own poisoned needles as the murder weapon rather than Batman's bare hands. He looks at the motivation, the repeated symbolism and more. But I'm quoting here some of the physical realities he highlights. Such as the beams of light and some of the odd aspects of the previous fight scene . He writes

What Were They Thinking? – Rainbow Raider

Recently Geoff Johns lets his feeling about the Rainbow Raider come out, basically saying he will never give the character a chance. Well, it almost sounds to me like Mr. Johns is saying, "What were they thinking?"

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Sunday:

X-Men Days Of Future Past Image – Hank, Logan And Charles Line Up In The Shiny Hal

Here's Charles Xavier and a couple of his fellow mutants in the oh-so-shiny corridor that did, does or will lead to Cerebro. Prequels can be wriggly like that.

Pics And Vid: Mark Wahlberg Gets To Play With Alien Hardware On The Set Of Transformers 4

Here's a fresh video from the set of Transformers 4, currently filming in Pontiac, Michigan. According the to the description, this shows Mark Wahlberg piloting whatever that is. Something alien-looking and seemingly able to fly.

New Breaking Bad Is Easily Available In Many Countries But Is Still Being Illegally Downloaded

If you're a Breaking Bad fan living in America you were most likely one of the 5.9 million who reportedly watched the latest episode on AMC on Sunday. Failing that you probably time-shifted it using a DVR, downloaded it on iTunes* or took advantage of the stream that is available for free on AMC's website right now, or maybe you illegally downloaded it. The free stream is up on the AMC website here, but unfortunately because I live in the UK I can't seem to get the embed code for it.


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