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Two Original Pages From Joker's Origin In The Killing Joke, At Auction
As part of a massive auction of premium comic books and original artwork at Heritage Auctions, two pages of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's The Killing Joke will go under the hammer today To see one page for sale is a rare thing, to see two pages such pages sell is unheard of And such[...]
The Killing Joke
The comic book is one disowned by its writer, Alan Moore, remastered by its artist, Brian Bolland, and is considered one of the most influential Batman comics of all time Even this week, in the latest Batman/Catwoman, there's a scene where Catwoman talks to the Joker about not just hanging about in the rain laughing[...]
Brian Bolland's Apex Delayed By Worldwide Paper Shortage
Rebellion, publishers of Judge Dredd, have announced that worldwide paper shortages mean that their prestige oversized Brian Bolland 'Apex Edition' in the manner of Scott Dunbier's Artists Editions books and reprints scans of original artwork from IDW, was due to ship next month – in time for 2000 AD's 45th anniversary – but will now[...]
Cover image for 2000 AD DECEMBER 2021 PROG PACK
Including a 45th anniversary cover celebrating 2000AD by Brian Bolland, with Tharg as the DJ in the house spinning his vinyl How very retro for 2000AD… Brian Bolland Spins 2000AD 45th Anniversary in February 2022 Solicits 2000 AD DECEMBER 2021 PROG PACK REBELLION / 2000AD DEC211791 (W) Michael Carroll, Kek-W, Ian Edington, John Wagner, Dan Abnett (A) Jake Lynch, John[...]
Rebellion's December 2021 solicitations for 2000AD, mJUdge Dredd and IPC-related titles continues apace – thiuggh because of international delays most titles are scheduled for January 2022 – and the Judge Dredd Brian Bolland Apex volume, based on IDW's Artist Editions, is for March 2022 and that will be quite something Which means, in America at[...]
The 47 Comics Creators Thanked In The Suicide Squad - And Those Not
But there are also a few notable names missing… Suicide Squad screencap John Ostrander (above) – creator of the modern-day Suicide Squad, co-creator of Amanda Waller, John Economos, Flo Crawley, and Briscoe. Luke McDonnell – artist on the original Suicide Squad series, co-creator of John Economos, Flo Crawley, and Briscoe. Ross Andru – co-creator of Rick Flag, co-creator of original[...]
Orbital Gallery Opens
Here are details of the main exhibitors, but there's also Dave Gibbons, Garry Leach, Shaky Kane, Brian Bolland, and more. Billy Chainsaw is an internationally collected, British contemporary Pop artist whose work uses a fertile mix of pulp and the arcane to engage with ideas of mortality, magick and sensuality Through his transformative art Chainsaw has developed a personal[...]
The History Of DC Original Artwork At Auction - Kirby, Kane, Kubert +
Craig Russell, Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, and Frank Thorne, Bill Sienkiewicz, Matt Wagner, Howard Chaykin, and Brian Bolland. History Of DC Comics Original Artwork This art was initially created for use as part of a deluxe, hardcover-version of the History of the DC Universe published by DC When Graphitti Designs, headed by Bob Chapman, was given the opportunity[...]
Gaze Into Brian Bolland's 200 Signed Prints Of His Most Famous Panel
200 copies signed by Brian Bolland Prints could have been ordered right here for £25 Previous editions were A2 and cost £40 So the obvious happened and one hour later they were all sold out. Brian Bolland's Gaze Into The Fist Of Dredd Brian Bolland is one of British comics' most influential and successful artists, from his[...]
2000AD In Search Of Brian Bolland Original Artwork For New Book
Rebellion, publishers of 2000AD, is going to be publishing an over-sized artist's edition-style book of Brian Bolland's original artwork for them Based on the Artist's Edition volumes created by Scott Dunbier for IDW, this volume will recreate the original artboards that Bolland used to create 2000AD stories in the seventies and eighties. 2000AD Brian Bolland: The[...]
Steve Dillon's Brian Bolland Parody Being Auctioned - Currently At $6
Because this cover to the DC Comics Hitman spinoff Sixpack/DogWelder is a) by the late great Steve Dillon, co-creator of Preacher b) for a comic book written by the other co-creator of Preacher and Hitman, Garth Ennis c) for a comic drawn by the co-creator of Hitman, John McCrea and d) is a parody of[...]
How The Three Jokers Rewrites The Killing Joke (BIG SPOILERS)
Bleeding Cool told you yesterday that Batman: The Three Jokers #3 by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok worked as a direct sequel to Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland Here's where it breaks down most visibly Big spoilers going in, you have been warned. Batman: The Three Jokers. So Batgirl gets her own[...]
DC Comics Will Continue To Be Distributed By Diamond UK In 2021
Would a new UK distributor be appointed? Would UCS set up a British branch for sub-distribution? Or would British retailers just have to suck it up? Brian Bolland Punchline #1 – DC Comics Will Continue To Be Distributed By Diamond UK In 2021 Well, as of today, Diamond UK customers have been told that an agreement has[...]
Brian Bolland Remakes Killing Joke For Rorschach Forbidden Planet Cover
Forbidden Planet has commissioned a retailer exclusive cover by Brian Bolland for Rorschach #1, the unauthorised Watchmen sequel by Tom King and Jorge Fornes to be published by DC Comics next month And he is referencing one of his own famous covers to do so The Killing Joke. Brian Bolland Redraws Killing Joke as Rorschach Forbidden[...]
15 Hours Of Celebrity Interviews For Forbidden Planet's 42nd Birthday
Also including videos with Mark Millar, Alice Cooper, William Shatner, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Chris Claremont, Duncan Jones, Leigh Balch, Run DMC, Gerard Way, Ben Aaronovitch, Michael Moorcock, Simon Pegg, V.E.Schwab, Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons and more So… what else were you going to do with your weekend? And there's plenty of Behind The Scenes interviews[...]
A decade-and-half ago he commissioned the following piece from Brian Bolland At a time when DC Comics would have been about to publish the 80th Anniversary Joker comic book, we thought this might be a time to celebrate this one particular piece On the ComicArtFans website, where fans upload the work that they own, Chris[...]
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You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday "Stargirl" Creator/Co-Showrunner Geoff Johns Releases Heartfelt Letter "Street Fighter" Cammy Gets Three New Statues from PCS Collectibles "Supergirl": So Why Did The Show Kill Off Jeremiah Danvers So Sloppily? So What Happens To Comics Next Wednesday? April Fool? Brian Bendis Sets Up 5G, Crisis, Doomsday[...]
Warner Bros. Releases a New Batch of "Joker" Promotional Images
Brian Bolland, J M DeMatteis, Keith Giffen and Irv Novick. Novick drew a lot of comics over his sixty-odd year career, including a run in Batman with Frank Robbins – who does not get credited He also was the artist for the launch of The Joker comic book with Dennis O'Neill – though Dennis does not[...]
Image Comics to Pulp 3,000 Copies of The Art Of Brian Bolland, Unless…
In 2008, Image Comics published the phenomenal hardcover volume, The Art Of Brian Bolland, celebrating and reflecting the comic book artwork of one of the medium's true masters, Brian Bolland It cost $50. Often referred to as the "artist's artist," Brian Bolland has spent the last quarter century producing some of the most memorable and inspiring[...]
Brian Bolland's Classic Wonder Woman Cover
The interior artist was staying the same, Jill Thompson, but the editorial control went from Karen Berger to Dan Thorsland and Brian Bolland was brought in as the cover artist He would do 40 covers in all, carrying the character to issue #100 and through a costume change that many fans would like to forget[...]
Brian Bolland's Iconic Joker Becomes New Statue
Brian Bolland's cover from Batman: The Killing Joke has been turned into a 1/6th scale statue standing 13" inches tall It was sculpted by David Giraud and will be available July 2017. Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Bolland is one of the most critically acclaimed Batman story ever printed and was recently turned into[...]
Gosh Comics And Brian Bolland Create 'Gaze Into The Fist Of Dredd' Print
Appearing in 2000AD #227 during the Judge Death Lives storyline, this Brian Bolland image of Judge Dredd has been used over and over and over, over the years. Now Gosh Comics in London, 2000AD in Oxford and Brian Bolland in the nethersphere have created the following signed print Limited to 200 copies and signed by Brian Bolland,[...]
Brian Bolland Talks Killing Joke, Past, Present And Future
The other day we ran a snippet of a then-upcoming interview with Brian Bolland in Russia, from the website in which he talked about a possible sequel to The Killing Joke, his classic Batman story with Alan Moore. The full interview has now run, including further mention of a Killing Joke sequel, and how Bolland has[...]
DC Asked Brian Bolland For A Killing Joke Sequel
Brian Bolland is currently in Russia for the KomMissia comic convention Well, the folk from ex-pirate comics site were on hand to ask the man what's up, and will run an interview with him tomorrow. But they wanted to get one question-and-answer out of the way Just as Dark Knight is getting a threequel, Watchmen[...]
Brian Bolland, Art Adams, Max Brooks And More Now Coming To London Super Comic Con In March…
The London Super Comic Con has released a bunch more comic attendees at the show… oh look, Max Brooks, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen… you can see that Bleeding Cool's publisher must be in attendance! The new names are Arthur Adams, Simone Bianchi, Brian Bolland, Max Brooks, Mark Buckingham, Joyce Chin, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Adi Granov, Tabitha Lyons, Ron Marz, Ireland Reid, Esad Ribic, David Roach, Laura Sindall, Rachel Stott, David Wachter and Jeremy[...]
And Finally… The History Of The DC Universe, As It Was
Craig Russell, Mart Nodell, Joe Staton, Dave Stevens, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jack Kirby, Mike Royer, Keith Giffen, Bret Blevins, Al Williamson, Michael Kaluta, Gene Colan, Steve Lightle, Brian Bolland, Michael T Gilbert, Jim Starlin, Joe Kubert, Arthur Adams, Walter Simonson, Paul Norris, Mike Grell, Mary Wilshire, Andy Kubert, Gil Kane, Kurt Schaffenberger, Bob Kane, Curt Swan, George[...]
From Strip To Script – Judge Dredd: Greatest Single Panel In Comics?
Chasing weekly deadlines demands a certain brevity. Wagner is writing here with Alan Grant, for Brian Bolland; this page, originally from Prog 227, can be found in the eBook The Dark Judges, containing a gang of Judge Death and co stories. Last bit before we get into it: here's the pain of doing pages in isolation[...]