Lumberjanes Never Fear, Adam WarRock Is Here

By Julz Hendricks

Adam WarRock, known for his geek inspired music, has created one of a kind niche nerd core songs that are absolutely "rapturous". His newest song Lumberjanes has just been released, based on the hit comic by Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson. The first thing I noticed about the song was the catchy beat, although all of WarRock's songs will definitely play a continuous loop in your head. The beat that WarRock used for this particular song is Eligh "Beautiful Addiction" and it aligns exactly to the message that he is trying to convey. The lyrics are tailor-made just for the Lumberjanes, and there's no other song like it in the world.

Here is a peek at the lyrics:

Have you heard about those things that go bump in the night?

If you got your friends beside you then you're doin' alright, you're doin' it right.

And every badge you get on your sash.

Marks every life experience you get in the camp.

That's April, Mal and Molly and Ripley and Jo.

They stay close together wherever they go.

WarRock has tackled some of the best comic/nerd genre out there. A fan of Doctor Who? Not to worry, he has done a few of those. There is not much he hasn't done actually, looking at his list. His enthusiasm is contagious, his songs unforgettable.

Here's his Lumberjanes song in full:


Want to be obsessed with his songs like I am? Good news! You can subscribe to his YouTube channel.

He also has a really rad web page.

You will thank me later.

Julz Hendricks is a co-host of the all female podcast Chickcast. She is a huge advocate of kids' comics but reads a lot of different titles. You can find her on Twitter as @JulzHendricks.

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