Marvel And The Battle For NYCC – Thursday Trending Topics

marvel-logo-squareWith Marvel continuing to roll out a number of NYCC pre-announcements this week, I'm reminded of my Who Won SDCC analysis that showed that they had a relatively subdued San Diego this year compared to DC, minus the TV/Film stuff, of course.  With TV/Film, Marvel came out on top.

If the run-up to the show bears out, looks like we may have a role reversal for NYCC.

While Marvel has already made a number of pre-announcements for the show, DC rather infamously doesn't have a booth there this year (they will have a presence including panels).  Of course, there's still next week to start getting in front of some announcements, and they're going to have to start talking about Batman's 75th Anniversary pretty soon (first app "officially" hit the stands on March 30, 1939, btw).  Meanwhile, the DC TV/Film rumor mill is in full force currently, and you might expect a few things to become more clear on that front at the show.

Anyway, it's shaping up to be a particularly interesting show for news and rumors this year, I think.  We'll know for sure soon.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Thursday:

A Casting Call Clue That Wonder Woman May Be Appearing In The Batman Vs. Superman Movie

The casting calls going out for Warner Bros. next Superman movie are quite brilliantly vague. I've learned today that they're looking for a new female lead, but the information they're giving is incredibly light.

What's So Special About The Very End Of Agents Of SHIELD?

Here's a promo for Agents of SHIELD that, first of all, explains that it can't explain why the second episode is called 0-8-4. That's fun.

Watch Rain Gods, A New Doctor Who And River Song Minisode From Neil Gaiman

Here's one of the three new, tiny episodes of Doctor Who to be included in the complete season seven box. It's the only one to have been released online, and was brought to my attention by Doctor Who TV.

Most-Read Comic Stories Thursday:

Silver Surfer By Dan Slott And Michael Allred For NYCC (EVEN FURTHER UPDATE)

FURTHER UPDATE: Just had the word. Yup, it's Silver Surfer. Rad and Norrin Radd…

Rick Remender, Pascal Alixe And Nic Klein's New Avengers Book Is A Bit Of A Mindbubble (UPDATE)

We've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up in this arc, including the Weapon Minus Program, Doctor Mind Bubble, the Iron Nail, and in the center of it all is Nuke. I think when people see what Carlos has been doing, they'll be blown away. I know I have been.

Who Are The New All-New Future X-Men? (Battle Of The Atom Spoilers) (UPDATE)

Okay, I waited. Big spoilers for today's Wolverine & The X-Men by Jason Aaron, Guisseppe Camuncoli and Andrew Currie.


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