Marvel To Launch Legion Of Monsters #1 In October From Dennis Hopeless And Juan Doe

It's October. It's Hallowe'en. What better time for Marvel to launch one more go at Legion Of Monsters. Originally appearing in 1975, with Dracula, the Manphibian and Frankenstein's Monster, the title has appeared a number of times in various guises from Marvel. Here we have Morbius with the big head shot and a certain Ms Bloodstone in the foreground.

According to editor Alejandro Arbona,  "the monster-hunter Elsa Bloodstone is forced to team up with four of the dudes she hates most in the world, for the greater good of unraveling a series of murders. The writer is Dennis Hopeless, a promising young talent who I'm also working with on something else really exciting—you'll hear about that soon—and the artist is Juan Doe, who did really great work on such comics as FANTASTIC FOUR IN…ISLA DE LA MUERTE!, featuring the FF vs. chupacabras. Check out Juan's cover for LEGION OF MONSTERS #1, featuring Elsa, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Living Mummy, and Manphibian – ridiculously awesome, huh?"

I think both those words apply, Alejandro… I'm also rather looking forward to Dennis' Lovestruck original graphic novel with Kevin Mellon from Image in September…

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