Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – The Art Episode, From Transformers: Windblade To Sex Criminals

Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show returns to Bleeding Cool, recorded at the one and only Astro-Zombies Comic Shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, hosted by Maxx MacLennan.

They say:

This is the first Art Episode.  ALL of the art this week was slammin'!
In this episode we learn about metal, love, and just what exactly the powers of Emma Frost can do…

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New Comic Book Releases for the week of April 16, 2014:

Books featured in this weeks episode:

IDW: Transformers: Windblade #1 (of 4)
Marvel Comics: Deadpool vs. Carnage #2 (of 4)
DC Comics: Batman Eternal #2
DC Comics: Forever Evil: Justice League #29
Marvel Comics: Uncanny X-Men #20
Marvel Comics: Hulk #1
Marvel Comics: The Superior Spider-Man #31
DC Comics: Sinestro #1
Image Comics: Genesis (Graphic Novel)
IDW: Frankenstein Alive Alive: Reanimated Edition
IDW: Frankenstein Alive Alive #3
Marvel Comics: The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 5 (Trade)
IDW: Godzilla: History's Greatest Monster (Trade)
Image Comics: Sex Criminals Vol. 1 (Trade)

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