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Nerd Food: KFC's The Colonel Vies for My Love this Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine's Day, I had hoped that my boyfriend would bring home flowers, maybe some candy, and of course a heartfelt card. What can I say, I'm a sucker for these kinds of holidays. But before he could do any of that, a flirtatious older man sent me something that made my heart skip a beat. What is it, you may ask? Well, check out the video below to find out!

Yes, KFC sent me scratch 'n' sniff Valentine's Day cards. They smell like chicken! The candy hearts were a nice touch, too. Interested in getting your own? Of course you are. Check out the details below!

Available for free with purchase of a $10 Chicken Share beginning Feb. 12, KFC's set of four retro-inspired valentines romantically combine tender love lines with the intoxicating scent of fried chicken.

Each valentine features Colonel Sanders with some of his favorite KFC menu items accompanied by various sappy love lines like:

  • "You have the secret recipe to my heart."
  • "I fell in love the first moment I slaw you."
  • "We're two peas in a chicken pot pie."
  • "I'd be with you all the time if only I could. You make me feel so finger lickin' good."

KFC knows how hard it is to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift, which is why they came out with these cards;

"Some years you have to search high and low for the perfect gift for your Valentine," said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC U.S. CMO. "This year, we decided to make things easy. Skip the candy and go straight for the
fried chicken! Grab dinner and some scratch 'n' sniff Valentine's Day cards, and share your love of fried chicken with your Valentine."

These will be available for a limited time only, while supplies last!

Nerd Food: KFC's The Colonel Vies for My Love this Valentine's Day

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