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Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. Image Credit: Baltimore Lauren

Nerd Food: Totchos from Woody's Lunch Box in Hollywood Studios!

Welcome back to another magical Nerd Food -- my favorite column to write (aside from deep dives on old books) Today the Disney Parks Blog as released another Disney Parks recipe, this time the delicious totchos from Woody's Lunch Box inside Disney's Hollywood Studios I've enjoyed this meal several times in the park, as I[...]

Nerd Food: The Best Drinks for Endless Gaming

Nerd Food: The Best Drinks For Endless Gaming Days & Nights

As you've all seen over the past few weeks, esports and online gaming have been dominating everything. The fun past time has become a critical experience for all of us during COVID-19's various lockdowns. Even popular sports channels have started to show esports tournaments! Chances are probably good you've been indulging yourself in a lot […]

Sandwiches or bread toast with peanut butter and fruit jelly. Flat lay. By Erhan Inga

Nerd Food: The Recipe for Disney's Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake

The Disney Parks Blog has blessed our taste buds with yet another indulgent recipe, this time straight from the 50's Prime Time Cafe inside of Disney's Hollywood Studios. The Primetime Cafe is one of my absolute favorite places to eat within the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida. The cafe is pure nostalgia, and […]

Keebler® Scooby-Doo!™ Graham Cracker Sticks Honey.

Nerd Food: Keebler Scooby-Doo Graham Crackers

Snacking is an essential component of almost everyone's day. Finding nutritious and delicious snacks the whole family can enjoy is daunting, but not impossible. But what if your kid only likes snacks with cartoon characters on it? Those surely can't be good for you — right? Our friends at Keebler have found a peaceful solution […]

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, photo by Baltimore Lauren

Nerd Food: Disney's Halfway to Halloween Jack Skellington Cookies

Can you believe we're halfway to Halloween? Disney is ready to celebrate one of the best holidays with their Halfway To Halloween online celebration. Activities include dressing up, arts and crafts, and my favorite — food! I love Disney food, and I've been making a lot of Disney food at home during the quarantine. Each […]

Image from iOS (19)

Nerd Food: Wookie Cookies from Grauls in Baltimore

May the Fourth might be over with for this year, but that doesn't have to stop fans from celebrating Star Wars. The iconic space opera franchise has inspired people for decades. From homemade droids to delicious baked goods, fans have flexed their creativity to pay homage to Star Wars. We've been covering all the ways […]

Nerd Food: "Trolls World Tour" Oreo's Are Delightful Fun

Oreo's are a classic snack. The cookie that goes great with milk (or by itself) has been enjoyed by countless generations since they made their debut in 1912. While the classic Oreo can be found far and wide, fans can also find different flavors of Oreo! Unique flavors of Oreo have included birthday cake, watermelon, […]

Disneyland Resort adds some new galactic treats at Galaxy's Edge

Disneyland Resort Adds New Galactic Treats At Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, imagineers were concocting new and exciting Star Wars snacks for weary space travelers! Thankfully you don't need to go into orbit for these treats — you'll just need to head to Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. This awesome looking item is not […]

Nerd Food: The 2019 Metropolis Collectibles Wine

Nerd Food: The 2019 Metropolis Collectibles Wine

So is this years wine good? Have I learned how to review wine properly? Will I spill it all over that nice white couch I'm on? All this and more on today's Nerd Food! you receive a bottle of their wine this year? What did you think? Did you pair it with something delicious? Let[...]

the mandalorian

"The Mandalorian": At This Point, Don't We ALL Need a Baby Yoda Cocktail in Our Lives?

The Child – or "Baby Yoda" – has become an internet sensation. The impossibly adorable character from Disney+'s The Mandalorian has captured the hearts of Star Wars fans (and non-fans) across the universe. The Child has also become an source of inspiration as well. Behold! The Baby Yoda Cocktail at The Sheridan Room! Bartender Chris […]

Nerd Food: Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon is Partnering with Dippin' Dots

Square Enix has partnered with Dippin' Dots for the upcoming release of Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! The collaboration will see four chocobo-themed flavors come to various Dippin' Dots locations as well as some prizes for fans of the Chocobo's Dungeon series. Or Final Fantasy in general. The four new flavors are really just puntastic takes on existing […]

amazon fire experience sdcc 2018

Nerd Food: TV-Inspired Mocktails from the Amazon Fire Experience at SDCC

But did they all taste fabulous? You're about to find out in today's episode of Nerd Food![gallery ids="892127,892128,892129"]If you didn't get to swing by the Amazon Fire experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, you missed out on some pretty interesting TV-inspired mocktails Eternal Sunrise, The Analyst: Jack Ryan, Fire TV & Ice, and The[...]

super hero ice cream

Nerd Food: Tasting Super Hero Ice Cream at SDCC 2018!

This past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, guests got to try some heroic ice cream at Petco Park! Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all brought their sugary best, which made for some delicious treats. The Super Hero Ice Cream is the perfect summer treat, especially on a warm San Diego day.

El Chingon san diego comic-con 2018

Nerd Food: Super-Powered Mixed Drinks from El Chingon

El Chingon in San Diego is in the comic-con spirit this week! This hip and fun place has the drinks you need to make this SDCC one you'll never forget. We're dusting off our capes and gearing up for another #BadAss Comic-Con! Stop by Thursday through Sunday to sip on our avengers themed cocktails! A […]

avengers drinks at Havana 1920

Nerd Food: We Try the Mind Stone Mojito and Asgardian Lager at Havana 1920

Welcome to San Diego Comic-Con 2018, nerd food lovers Today we checked out Havana 1920 at 548 Fifth Avenue in San Diego, where we had some delicious Cuban-inspired Avengers-themed drinks: The Mind Stone Mojito and the Asgardian Lager!A post shared by Havana 1920 (@havana1920) on Jul 18, 2018 at 4:50pm PDTBoth were a solid choice for[...]

Disney Maleficent cake jar

Nerd Food: Don't Worry, This Maleficent Cake Jar Won't Put a Spell on You

Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain. Her whole reason for being a jerk was because she wasn't invited to a party, which raises some serious questions. The main one being: why would you snub her? She's the most powerful fairy of them all. She probably would have bestowed some badass gift onto Aurora. But I […]

flying dog bleacher beer

Nerd Food: Flying Dog Bleacher Beer is Summer in a Can

Nothing screams summer more than baseball in July — especially if you can spend the afternoon or evening at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, like I recently did. Without a doubt Camden Yards is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the MLB, and even if the O's aren't doing so hot, there's still plenty […]

disneyland up-inspired treats

Nerd Food: Watch Disneyland Candy Makers Create 'Up'-Inspired Treats

The first time I saw Up I cried my eyes out. I'm pretty sure most of you did too, so stop judging me! It is without a doubt one of Pixar's best films to date, and it's been celebrated all over the Disney Parks since its release. For the new Pixar Pier and Pixar Fest […]

disney world s'mores

Nerd Food: Disney World Has a Unique Way to Make S'mores [Video]

Snacks at the Disney Parks are almost always out of this world. Even the most common ones — including s'mores — are created with love and magic. At The Ganachery you can indulge in some magical (and adorable) s'mores any time of the year. No campfire required! I'm a fan of The Ganachery, so if […]