Preview This Week's 2000AD And Judge Dredd Megazine – From Mega-City Confidential To Faustus

This week it's another double-bill, with 2000AD's Prog #1877 and Judge Dredd Megazine #347 both being released in print on Wednesday in the UK and digitally worldwide, with print in the USA slightly later. 2000AD Prog #1877 features Judge Dredd: "Mega-City Confidential", Outlier: Part Four, Slaine: "A Simple Killing", Sinister Dexter: "Gunshy", and Jaegir: "Strigoi".

Judge Dredd Megazine #347 contains Judge Dredd: "Rad to the Bone", DeMarco P.I. : "The Whisper", Tales from MC-1: "The Irrational Lottery", and Anderson PSI-Division: "Dead End" as well as a classic reprint of Faustus, by Grant MorrisonMark Millar, and Paul Johnson.

First up,  here's your preview of Prog #1877:

 2000 AD PROG 1877 digital(1) 2000 AD PROG 1877 digital2 2000 AD PROG 1877 digital3 2000 AD PROG 1877 digital4 2000 AD PROG 1877 digital5 2000 AD PROG 1877 digital6

And here's your preview of Judge Dredd Megazine #347:

MEG 347 digital1 MEG 347 digital2 MEG 347 digital3 MEG 347 digital4 MEG 347 digital5 MEG 347 digital6

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