Zombie Army 4: Dead War Is Headed To Google Stadia

Rebellion and Google announced today that Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be headed to Stadia in the near future In fact, in the very near future, as the game will be released on May 1st The title will be free to Stadia Pro subscribers, but will remain $30 for everyone else By all accounts,[...]

IMPACT Wrestling REBELLION Takes Over Terminal 5 in New York City, April 2020!

Impact Wrestling to Film Rebellion PPV with No Crowd, Air on 2 Nights

Impact Wrestling has revealed that its upcoming Rebellion PPV is, in fact, too big for just one night Impact will film Rebellion on a closed set with no audience and air in two parts The show will be broadcast on free television instead of offered as a PPV special Somewhere, Don West is shouting into[...]

judge dredd

Rebellion Changes Print Schedules, Will Publish Some Digitally Anyway

Rebellion is a comic book publisher that has been relatively unaffected by the current global situation While the likes of Marvel, DC, Image and others have had to cease publication, printing and distribution, Rebellion has not Because their titles 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine are available on the newsstand and via subscription, as well as[...]


2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine Continue Publication in Print and Digital

Rebellion, publishers of weekly sci-fi anthology 2000AD and monthly spin-off Judge Dredd Megazine have issued the following statement regarding their continued publication during the coronavirus pandemic. As the UK government brings in restrictions on movement in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rebellion would like to reassure readers that 2000 AD will continue to be published.We are working[...]

"Zombie Army 4" Campaign Mission “Terror Lab” Launches Today!

"Zombie Army 4" Launches A New Campaign Mission With "Terror Lab"

Rebellion has released a new campaign mission into Zombie Army 4 this week, as you'll dive into the deep secrets of the Terror Lab According to the intro, your team must infiltrate a strange laboratory filled with the undead as well as zombified researchers to solve the mystery of why the dead continue to rise[...]

"Zombie Army Trilogy" Will Be Headed To Nintendo Switch On March 31st

"Zombie Army Trilogy" Will Be Headed To Nintendo Switch On March 31st

Rebellion announced this morning that Zombie Army Trilogy will be making its glorious and bloody presence known on Nintendo Switch The game will come with the full versions of the first three titles, along with all the DLC and additional content, all wrapped into one package Plus all the awesome co-op and difficulties that come[...]

Rebellion Threw Us Into "Zombie Army 4: Dead War" At E3 2019

"Zombie Army 4: Dead War" Reveals Its Season One Content

With Rebellion on the verge of releasing Zombie Army 4: Dead War, the developers have now released details as to what content is coming in Season One This will include a mini-campaign simply called "HELL CULT", comprising three brand new missions for 1-4 players You can see the full list of items and the trailer[...]

Rebellion Threw Us Into "Zombie Army 4: Dead War" At E3 2019

"Zombie Army 4: Dead War" Gets A New Gameplay "101 Trailer"

Rebellion decided to give you a proper lesson in what's happening in Zombie Army 4: Dead War by giving you a "101 Trailer" to check out The trailer basically details the campaign story for those who have not played the first three games Or understand the concept that zombies are bad and need to be[...]

Rebellion Announces "Zombie Army 4: Dead War" For February 2020

Rebellion officially announced today that Zombie Army 4: Dead War would be released on Pc, Xbox One and PS4 on February 4th, 2020 Along with the announcement game a number of videos, which we have for you here, showing off things like the collector's edition and a proper demo This is some of the same[...]

Things To Do In London If You Like Comics - September 2019

All the #DayOfDredd Events We Can Find Across the World Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Rebellion and 2000AD are running a bunch of The Day Of Dredd events across the world But mostly in the UK Here's what we found - feel free to add your own in the comments and I'll update. England: LondonThe Day Of Dredd – 2-6pm, Orbital ComicsThe Day of Dredd Art Jam will feature a wealth[...]

Rebellion Threw Us Into "Zombie Army 4: Dead War" At E3 2019

Rebellion Threw Us Into "Zombie Army 4: Dead War" At E3 2019

Rebellion came to E3 2019 with one major game to show off to everyone, as they threw us head-first into a demo of Zombie Army 4: Dead War If you're not familiar with this series, you're essentially thrown into the middle of a revised version of World War II where the Germans have been experimenting[...]

Rebellion Unveils Sniper Elite VR at E3 2019

Rebellion Unveils "Sniper Elite VR" at E3 2019

Rebellion has released a new video for Sniper Elite VR, which reveals the first details about the upcoming shooter. Sniper VR will be a standalone game in the Sniper Elite franchise, so it isn’t a remake or remaster It is a whole new way to enjoy the exacting gameplay that’s made the franchise so noteworthy.Revellion paired up with Just Add[...]

Rebellion Announces Zombie Army 4: Dead War at E3

Rebellion Announces "Zombie Army 4: Dead War" at E3

During the PC Gaming Show today, Sniper Elite vets Rebellion announced the latest game in the Zombie Army franchise with Zombie Army 4: Dead War This was the third new game Rebllion was bringing to E3 this year, alongside Sniper Elite VR and Evil Genius 2.The game was, unfortunately, leaked ahead of the show thanks to an Amazon listing[...]

Evil Genius 2 Announced at the PC Gaming Show at E3

"Evil Genius 2" Announced at the PC Gaming Show at E3

Rebellion has given Evil Genius 2 its reveal trailer at the PC Gaming Show Evil Genius 2 was announced as one of Rebellion's three brand new games, coming to E3 this year EG2 joins Sniper Elite VR as the two games we knew about going into the PC Gaming Show conference this morning.EG2 is a direct sequel[...]

Rebellion Will Be Announcing a Third New Game at E3

Rebellion Will Be Announcing a Third New Game at E3

Independent UK developer and publisher Rebellion have unveiled their line-up for E3 and it looks like they’ll be announcing a brand new game The studio will be bringing three titles to the expo: Evil Genius 2, Sniper Elite VR, and a “new major unannounced title.”Rebellion first announced Evil Genius 2 in June 2017, and will show the[...]

Rebellion to Republish Trigan Empire

Rebellion to Republish Don Lawrence's Trigan Empire in Full

We knew that 2000 AD publisher Rebellion had bought the rights to the classic Trigan Empire comic book by Mike Butterworth and Don Lawrence, along with the rest of the IPC Publishing rights.And now, announced at the Diamond Retail Summit in Las Vegas last night, Rebellion is to republish and recollect the Trigan Empire stories.The[...]

Sniper Elite 2 Remaster at GDC

Sniper Elite 2 Remaster Plays Like a Brand-New Game

[caption id="attachment_1010831" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// Rebellion[/caption]Rebellion’s remaster of Sniper Elite 2 was playable at GDC last month, to show off the all new graphics, rendering technology, and improved x-ray kill cam.The soul of the game is still the same in the remaster, with players taking on the role of elite sniper Karl Fairburne, who parachuted into Berlin[...]

Rebellion Revives Classic British Comics for 2019 Slate

Rebellion, the publisher behind 2000 AD, has announced 7 comic book specials for 2019, many of which will revive classic British comics that have been out of publication THR's Graeme "Graham" McMillan has the scoop, and since he is a respectable journalist we will assume that these must be the actual real names of classic[...]