Rick Olney Interviewed By… Artful Angie

A couple of weeks ago, Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the About Heroes podcast, and their decision to run what appeared to be a puff piece interview with Rick Olney that talked about his history in comics, without at any point mentioning all the money he owed creators and the way he had treated people who objected the the fact that they hadn't been paid, and still trying to launch new projects without addressing the debts of the old.

This week he agreed to do another podcast interview with his new friends. Who this time suddenly started asking trickier questions. For one and a half hours. A high point, fifty-one minutes in is when Rick Olney is calling for his critics to be challenged in the same way that he is, specifically naming one who goes by the name Artful Angie.

At which point podcaster Jeff Ketz reveals that he is, and was, Artful Angie. And then it all goes to hell.

The big revelation is on the fifth video, but they are all worth it.







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