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Sunday Runaround – The Writers' Room
Charles Burns released The Hive, his long awaited follow up to X'ed Out, and Chris Ware gave us his box full of Building Stories. NOTICES Rick Olney, founder of ORCA and controversial publisher of TightLip Entertainment has passed on, from cancer He is survived by his wife and five children. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/dr-dan-smith/best-comics-of-2012_b_2380466.html [...]
Rick Olney Interviewed By… Artful Angie
A couple of weeks ago, Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the About Heroes podcast, and their decision to run what appeared to be a puff piece interview with Rick Olney that talked about his history in comics, without at any point mentioning all the money he owed creators and the way he had treated[...]
Rick Olney Claims To Be Creating A Comic With Mort Todd And Joe Rubinstein
Rick Olney appears on the About Heroes East Coast Podcast As of writing, the podcast has no comments I think that may change shortly. He begins the podcast, perving on Scarlet Johannson, bemoaning the lack of solo male Doctor Who companions, talking about being lynched if he was on Comic Book Men, standing in a urinal[...]
Looking Further At Rick Olney's All Aces Entertainment (UPDATE)
And of course, as we grow, All Aces shall continually offer trademark service from a great staff who share your passion for great art on a variety of levels! Be sure to stop back often for new merchandise, news, and updates on our forums. He seems to be getting out of trying to hold comic book[...]
All Aces Entertainment – The Latest Rick Olney Thing
Rick Olney, the man who hired a bunch of comic creators to work on an anthology that he never paid, then threatened legal action against when they told people (although no one has ever heard from his non-existent lawyer) and eventually became one of the most pilloried names in the comics industry… is working on[...]
Rick Olney Demands Apology Before He'll Hand Over Charity Maps And Donations
Matt Busch, creator of the Indiana Jones World Maps intended to benefit disabled veteran charities, has given us the latest on his attempts to retrieve them from disgraced ex-comics convention organiser Rick Olney. He writes; I can't remember what was last spilled, but about 2 months ago, I had finally connected with the appropriate folks at[...]
When A Doctor Tries To Order An Indiana Jones Map From Rick Olney
He's been in conversation with the disgraced comics convention organiser and publisher Rick Olney, which went a little sour, over the matter of those Indiana Jones World Map And now he's decided to share the correspondence with Bleeding Cool. Hi Rick! I'm definitely interested in buying a few of these maps Anything to benefit fellow vets[...]
Sending Rick Olney A Cease And Desist Letter
US Navy veteran Michael W Kellar was a comic book creator who had been lined up with his colleague Clayton of Heroes Fallen Studios to appear at Rick Olney's now-cancelled Adirondack Comic Fest Not that he was going, after he discovered Olney's history He emailed Rick asking to be released from his contract in mid-August,[...]
Rick Olney Cancels Adirondack Comic Con
Disgraced comic publisher Rick Olney has announced the Adirondack ComicFest announced for November has been cancelled If it ever existed –  it never had a confirmed location. He still does not name the other people involved in funding the show If they existed He states; I'm not going to blame anyone or any group effort personally[...]
Now Matt Busch Turns Against Rick Olney Over Indiana Jones
The Adirondack ComicFest for November being organised by Rick Olney with some mysterious unnamed backers has been a little troubled A number of guests still listed by Rick as attending the show have pulled out He recently ran a small piece after Dave Hoover died, stating that he'd been scheduled to attend Scheduled, possibly, but[...]
So Who Is Actually Going To Rick Olney's Comic Con In November?
The website for Rick Olney's latest attempt to slither his way back into the comic industry, the remotely located Adirondack ComicFest, is continuing to list attending guests It's a small line up so far, but some recognisable names. The convention is timed to run on Veteran's Day weekend and ties into a number of Veteran events,[...]
The Tenth Annual Rumour Awards – BEST LACK OF PAYMENT
Despite the recession, this was one of the better years for people owed money and there were no major comics bankruptcies. Zenescope went from being one the bigger non payers to one of the companies taking steps to pay back what was due. Devil's Due committed to paying back people too, setting out their case. Even Wowio committed[...]
Happy Birthday Rick Olney, Happy Birthday To You!
Today is Rick Olney's 55th birthday Before Josh Hoopes, before Pat Lee before Wowio, Rick was the poster boy for not paying comic book creators And, more importantly, while other people who owed money generally ran off and shut up, Rick didn't try to avoid the situation or hide from public scrutiny He positively revelled[...]