Ryan Ottley Talks The Return of Grizzly Shark – But Not Sea Bear!



2010 saw the release of Ryan Ottley's Grizzly Shark & Sea Bear from Image Comics. Now Grizzly Shark returns, the original stories coloured and kicking off a new series. But what news of Sea Bear? Creator Ryan Ottley was less than forthcoming.

Rich Johnston: So what the hell happened to Sea Bear?

Ryan Ottley: Who?

RJ: This was only meant to be a one off joke comic. Are you convinced you have five issues of new Grizzly Shark? No padding?

RO: Actually 3. But I could make a hundred of these. That's how fun it is. But a trilogy is all I could squeeze in between Invincible scripts!

RJ: Do you believe that Grizzly Shark confronts our fear of flooding in a climate change environment by taking the shark form and placing in him in the context of the land? A fish out of water, and one that no flood systems can ultimately control? Is this man's futile conflict with his world in angry land-based shark form?

RO: Yes and no.

RJ: Is there a toy line planned?

RO: A toy line, movie, cartoon, a video game, all of it, …is up on my vision board. So that's kind of a plan, right?

RJ: Is a Grizzly Sharknado a possibility?

RO: They wish.

RJ: Who would win in a fight between Grizzly Shark and Chew's Poyo?

RO: That depends on who's writing. You realize this stuff isn't real, right?

I refuse to acknowledge any such thing. Grizzly Shark is published by Image from April. Sea Bear's whereabouts are currently unknown.

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