San Diego Hyatt-Owning "Supporter Of Traditional Marriage" To Divorce

hyattThe decision of much of the comics industry to both stay and socialise at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel during the San Diego Comics Convention has caused much concern from the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual communities, as the hotel's owner, Doug Manchester, is a prominent donor to Prop 8 lobbyists and supporters of those who seek to ban gay marriage. Boycotts have been organised, petitions signed, people in superhero costumes have held signs, but it's never really taken off. Doug Manchester defends his actions, referring to his faith as a Catholic.

San Diego City Beat reports that Manchester is to dissolve his own marriage, divorcing his wife of forty-four years, something the Catholic faith also seems to frown upon. They also report the details of the battle between Doug and Elizabeth Manchester over a financial settlement, with allegations of mail stealing and account emptying being made in court. However, the legal papers do not state whether or not the breakdown in the couple's relationship was down to the increased prominence of gay marriage in modern society. Or not.

The report does give new insight into how the other homophobic half live, however, with Elizabeth Manchester citing a month's expenses of $131,625…

These include nearly $20,000 on clothing and jewelry, $7,000 in electric bills, $1,700 in groceries, $4,901 in household supplies, tuition at three private schools for some of the couple's ten grandchildren, $7,500 in salary for the full-time groundskeeper and housekeeper, $1,200 in membership dues for the La Jolla Country Club and money toward the hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses the couple was accustomed to spending.

See? That's what your $10 drinks at the bar went towards funding…

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