Saturday Trending Topics: Barnes & Noble & Comics

Saturday Trending Topics: Barnes & Noble & ComicsIs the long-fabled national comic chain finally coming this July?  Probably not, but Barnes & Noble's rumored comic expansion is sure to be a much-watched move in what is already shaping up to be a busy summer for the industry.   Greg Capullo to DC turned a lot of heads on this site today, and here's what else did:

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Greg Capullo To Draw Batman For DC Comics

It would seem, barring a curve ball being thrown, that after finishing up HAUNT I'll be entering Gotham City.

Pajamas To Give You Marvel Women Physiques

So we know that the female physiques commonly sported by Marvel superheroines are nigh-on impossible to acheive by anyone who wasn't bidden by a radioactive Size Zero supermodel and some silicone injections on top. But that's okay, lucky ladies, these official Marvel merchandise solves that problem. With a design that takes inches (and a couple of ribs) off each side, squeezing that waist in and emphasising breast size, all with a few lines of printed ink!

Comics To Make Big Inroads In Barnes & Noble In June

According to a number of Barnes & Noble employees in the USA, in June, Barnes & Noble will be expanding the amount and range of comic books they carry. Already growing their graphic novel categories, I understand that reports regarding Hastings doing well with single comic books has encouraged Barnes & Noble to try the same, nationally.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Post-Credits Scene From Thor Leaks Out

I am not looking at the post-credit scene from Thor that has made its way onto the internet. No, I intend to watch it, with wife, on the big screen later this week. If you have already seen the film and want a reminder, or maybe you walked out before it ran, or maybe you just don't care and have no soul, then here you go. I'm embedding it now. Just don't tell me what happens.

The New Superman Suit, In Smallville's Fortress Of Solitude

As Smallville comes to a close, the time is coming for the final weave of frustrating* teases. Perhaps the biggest will see Clark donning his Superman suit, probably for no more than just a few seconds, a minute or two on the outside.

Let's Have Another X-Men: First Class Trailer

What sets this new trailer apart from the others? Kevin Bacon's Sebastian Shaw using his rather striking mutant power.

Most-Clicked Pics Today:

Saturday Trending Topics: Barnes & Noble & Comics

Saturday Trending Topics: Barnes & Noble & Comics

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