Stan Lee's Ex-Assistant Sues, Citing Wrongful Firing And Emotional Distress

2B5156B000000578-3196085-image-m-125_1439443706976Courthouse News reports an ex assistant to Stan Lee and spectacle designer Shawn Lukaszewicz has launched a lawsuit against his former employer, his wife Joan Lee, their daughter Joan Celia Lee and two of their companies "alleging multiple labor code violations, wrongful firing and intentional infliction of emotional distress."


The suit states that after initially being hired to set up and help manage a booth at Stan Lee's ComiKaze convention in November last year – and then being told by Stan that he had done a "sh-tty job" and called the booth "f-cking embarrassing," he was nevertheless hired as a full-time executive assistant "with duties that included launching and managing websites, managing social media for Joan Celia Lee, and running personal errands for the Lees"

But he states that he was

"subjected to unrelenting abuse even when he followed the Lees' instructions. When he delivered mail and documents to Stan Lee at his daughter's request, Lee answered the intercom by cursing him and telling him to "get the f-ck out and never ring my damn doorbell again,"

When he posted a photo of Joan Celia Lee on social media, at her request, she called him "f-cking stupid" and threatened to fire him, he says.

When his pay was cut from $40 to $25 an hour before Christmas

he was "reminded that he was lucky to work for the Lee family and he should be thankful,"

As well as further reports of verbal abuse, the suit tates that

When Lukaszewicz bought a plane ticket to fly east to see his mom for her birthday, Joan Celia Lee asked him to delay the trip so he could help prepare for her birthday party, he says. But she reneged on her promise to reimburse him for his plane ticket and pay for a later flight, and berated him in front of guests at her party by calling him a "retarded as-hole," he says.

And regarding a meeting with boxing champion Manny Pacquiao,

"Stan Lee became very abusive towards plaintiff for driving too slow as Mr. Pacquiao was about to depart to Las Vegas for his May 1, 2015 fight with Floyd Meriwether [sic: recte Mayweather]," the complaint states.

When Pacquiao failed to show at the meeting, Lee called Lukaszewicz a "f-cking idiot," and added: "You wasted my time. Now everyone at the office thinks you are a f-cking as-hole," according to the complaint.

The suit also claims that his firing came after Joan Celia Lee

smoked marijuana in the car throughout a June trip to San Francisco, and told him at the hotel to drive around the block with the windows open to get rid of the aroma. When he complained that he was not being paid for all of his time, she yelled: "Get out of my f-cking car. You are done. You are done," the complaint states.

Lukaszewicz says he was abandoned in San Francisco without any money and left to find his own way back to Los Angeles.

He is also claiming for being

diagnosed with psychiatric and internal injuries related to his work, so he sought legal representation and filed a claim for the injuries. In retaliation, the Lees "embarked on a further course of disparaging plaintiff and accused him of criminal conduct," according to the complaint.
Lukaszewicz seeks punitive damages on nine counts, including abuse of process, negligence and breach of contract.

It is always worth remembering that anyone can file a lawsuit. It's what happens afterwards that matters. We could get a counter suit, a settlement could be arranged, a court date could be fixed, and there is plenty to occur before any of the claims and allegations made can be tested.


Lukaszewicz appears to have appeared and produced in the film American Poltergeist.

Here are a few tweets he made regarding the man.

Well, you made Page Six again…. Shawn appears to have deleted his Instagram account, so these are now dead image links.

But not this one.

And from happier Comikaze days…

View this post on Instagram.

Shawn's website is here, promoting his line of eyewear.

static1.squarespace.comHis blog stating

Leng Yein wearing @kaszluv and Styled by @jessejcollections
@kaszluv Hollywood brand is worn by Stan Lee, Paris Hilton, SnoopDogg, LMFAO, Rosario Dawson… #kaszluv #kaszluvr #kaszluvrs ✌❤🙏🎉👓✨


I think he may be wanting to edit this celebrity endorsement at some point.

The suit is embedded below.

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