Superman Citizenship Question Revisited In Final Action Comics (SPOILERS)


I get the feeling there's going to be quite a lot of this kind of thing today. The final Action Comics before the DC Comics relaunch is published today. We get the big end to the Return Of The Doomsdays plot, and it doesn't end well, as the Superman family and the Doomsday family clash for the final time. Not everyone is walking out of there in one piece.

But there's also a final scene between Clark Kent and Lois Lane which revisists many of the Superman plots of late, including the controversial Grounded. It also gives us one very specific note regarding the story in which Superman declared his intent to visit the UN and renounce his American citizenship, so as not to muddy his actions with the policy and diplomatic relations of the United States.

Action Comics
#904 gives us at least another option, and sees Clark Kent rather embarrassed by the whole affair…

If Nixon can go to China… can Superman?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently hosting an exhibition of Stool Pigeon artwork in their gallery. Including these ducks.

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