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Superman Does Action Comics #1 Cover Twice Today
Today sees Superman returning to Earth, and catching up with what he's missed, in Action Comics #1050 You know, just before he is whisked away to die at the hands of Pariah in Justice League #75 from back in April 2022, to die a temporary death again. But no one will forget what he did with[...]
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Now today's Action Comics #1049 goes further, and shows that the recruitment of Manchester Black may not even have been Superman's idea Looks like Batman was right. And that he was a fifth columnist all along. Though odds are Superman knew this from the beginning… always good to have Lex Luthor on the inside pissing out, than[...]
DC To Get Its Own Infinity Gauntlet With Action Comics? (Spoilers)
Now, in Action Comics, he is back on Earth But just as freeing slaves was deliberately shown as not the easiest of tasks, when freedom is a foreign concept and aspects of slavery are even valued by those enslaved, so the act of freeing the slaves also has consequences for Superman Because nothing is as[...]
The Fallout Of Warworld Across The DC Universe
Today,  following up on the events of Superman: Warworld Apocalypse, sees the publication of Action Comics #1047 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, David Lapham and Will Conrad, which saw Superman returning to Earth and to Lois Lane But everything else was left hanging. Today's Action Comics #1047 fills in those gaps but also shows how the Warworld story[...]
Superman Gets New Era Starting With Action Comics #1050
A brand new era of Superman will kick off in December's Action Comics #1050, and DC comics is celebrating that new era with a focus on storytelling, looking to hook new readers with an exciting and accessible premise that will ensure the long-term prosperity of the series and the industry as a whole Just kidding![...]
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Action Comics is a tale of two comics these days On Earth and as It Is In Heaven Superman's battle against the slave-system of Warworld, while the Earth continues without him And while the comic has yet to tie into Justice League #75 where all the Justice League are seen to die (and more on[...]
Daddy Superman Comes Home To Die In Action Comics in September
Only Aquaman and Flash seem to have reflected the new situation, and Green Lantern just went away. But now Clark Kent is returning from Warworld with Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1 and the run up to Action Comics #1050 Is he coming back to his expected death? Because DC Comics has been teasing that for an age[...]
Action Comics
The current run of Action Comics written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson has seen Superman take his pursuit of freedom and justice to WarWorld, run by Mongul, in an attempt to free the captive, fighting slaves of the world A freedom, however, it seems that few want A confrontation of the simplicities summed up by Superman[...]
Cover image for Action Comics #1043
Superman's revolution turns on a weaponized baby in this preview of Action Comics #1043, in stores Tuesday from DC Comics Has the Man of Steel gone too far? Or, for Zack Snyder fans… not far enough?! And all it probably wanted was some formula, but you can't get that stuff on Warworld Thanks Joe Biden![...]
Action Comics #39 (DC, 1941)
The United States' entry into WWII seemed all but certain when Action Comics #39 hit the newsstands in June 1941 (with a cover date of August), and the cover by Fred Ray for this issue reflects that The interior story did as well, indirectly — because the plot centers around a villain given powers by[...]
Action Comics #16 Lamont Larson Pedigree (DC, 1939)
Provenance has always been important to serious comic book collectors, and the Lamont Larson Pedigree is one of the best examples of why this is true.  Lamont Larson (1927-2020) purchased more than 1,000 comic books at Creutz Drug Store in Wausa, Nebraska from 1936-1941, and his collection has subsequently become one of the most famous,[...]
DC Comics
And yesk, there be spoilers, most significantly for Deathstroke Inc and Icon & Rocket. Action Comics #1041 A tenuous start with Action Comics #1041, but Doomsday is one of the big bad we have seen in previews for Justice League #75 and the Death Of The Justice League This does emphasise the legendary nature of the character[...]
Cover image for Action Comics #1041
Superman may be the hero needed in this preview of Action Comics #1041, but Midnighter is the hero this villain deserves Because he deserved no less than to be sworn at, gutted by an ax, and then vomited on Check out the preview below. ACTION COMICS #1041 DC Comics 0122DC095 0122DC096 – Action Comics #1041 Julian Totino Tedesco Cover[...]
Superman Battles Brainiac For The First Time, On Auction Today
On auction at ComicConnect right now is an affordable CGC 2.5 copy of Action Comics #242, his debut, and also the debut of the bottle city of Kandor This is a classic issue, this one is currently at $320 as of this writing, so some of us could afford to buy it Check it out[...]
When Mongul tries to start some family drama, Superman is forced to intervene in this preview of Action Comics #1040, in stores Tuesday from DC Will they go one-on-one in the arena? Personally, we'd at least have brought a steel chair Check out the preview below. ACTION COMICS #1040 DC Comics 1221DC047 1221DC048 – ACTION COMICS #1040 CVR B[...]
Welcome to Friday Night Previews, where we attach snarky headlines to previews of next week's comics and call it "journalism." Superman battles in the gladiatorial arenas of WarWorld in this preview of Action Comics #1039, in stores Tuesday from DC Comics Check out the preview below. ACTION COMICS #1039 DC Comics 1121DC041 1121DC042 – ACTION COMICS #1039 CVR B[...]
Action Comics #1 Rocket Copy.
The Action Comics #1 CGC 6.0 "Rocket Copy" has just sold for $3,180,000 at Heritage Auctions This copy, which emerged from the family of the original owner who bought it off the newsstands when he was 13 years old, is called the "Rocket Copy" because that young buyer used a rocket ship stamp on the[...]
Action Comics #1 CGC 6.0 "Rocket" Edition Over $1.6 Million So Far
Action Comics #1 slabbed and CGC graded at 6.0 is currently at auction from Heritage Auctions as part of their Platinum Collection, with bids of over two million dollars This copy has been named "The Rocket Copy", and there's an interesting story behind the name.  After it was bought by its then-thirteen-year-old owner who then[...]
It began with Future State: Superman: Worlds Of War set in the near future, which saw Superman exiled Earth and trapped on Warworld, under the rule of Mongul's son, also called Mongul, trapped and forced to fight and die, be revived and fight again. In that first chapter, Mongul describes him as "unworthy to wear a[...]
Misgrndering In DC Comics Today - Teen Titans And Action Comics
And it's not as if he doesn't know the importance of identifying and self-expressing labels, earlier in that very issue… Teen Titans Academy #10 Stitch certainly does know the value of names as well as pronouns, including the gender implications of them, as well. Teen Titans Academy #10 I mean even the slave society of Warworld in today's Action[...]
If you thought Omicron ruined your holidays, imagine if being by Mongul and forced to fight as a gladiator like Superman in Action Comics #1038! Check out the preview below. ACTION COMICS #1038 DC Comics 1021DC056 1021DC057 – ACTION COMICS #1038 CVR B JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO CARD STOCK VAR – $5.99 (W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Shawn Aldridge (A) Daniel Sampere,[...]
Superman #1, DC Comics 1939.
The issue contains the Superman stories from Action Comics #1-4, plus new material Notably, the new two-page origin of Superman included here contains the first mention of Krypton and Superman's foster parents. Superman #1, DC Comics 1939. This $2,604,750 sale of Superman #1 CGC 7.0 is particularly noteworthy because copies of Superman #1 virtually never change hands[...]
LEt's kick off the Black Friday edition of Friday Night Previews with a preview of Action Comics #1037, in stores on Tuesday from DC Comics The Warworld Saga continues in this issue, with Superman taking the fight to Mongul's large adult son, also called Mongul And you thought Donald Trump Jr was bad! You should[...]
John Romita & Brian Bendis Action Comics #1019 Full Original Artwork
In this case, for auction from Heritage Auctions, is the entire original artwork from Action Comics #1019 by Brian Bendis, John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson including the cover It currently has bids of $3600 at the time of writing and will go under the hammer between the 18th and 21st of November Published at[...]
The Grey Haired Superman Conspiracy, Revealed In Action Comics #1036
With Superman looking to create his replacements. Superman And The Authority So how to marry the two worlds together? Today's Action Comics #1036 reveals all Because the Superman books were matching the Superman & The Authority storyline to some degree They had a Superman hit by a dimensional breach that was harming his powers They also had[...]
Warworld Saga kicks off in this preview of Action Comics #1036, bulling itself as the biggest Superman event since that time he died in the 90s Sure, but talk to us when it comes packaged in a black polybag with a bloody Superman logo, DC Check out the preview below. ACTION COMICS #1036 DC Comics 0821DC081 0821DC082 – ACTION[...]
Superman Cancelled From The Justice League Over Politics? (Spoilers)
This coming week's Action Comics #1035 sees this come to a double head With Superman making a promise. A promise that he will soon be even more emotionally guilted into keeping, even if he wouldn't have done it anyway But he would, he's Superman after all And he is fighting against slavery. But in trying to persuade[...]
Action Comics #1035 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and in this preview, we find Thao-La forced to make a choice Side with Darkseid and murder Superman to save her people… or join with Superman and try to free them And look, if it was, for example, Spider-Man we were talking about here,[...]
Superman Playing In Politics - It Has Consequences, Today (Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of Superman: Son Of Kal-El #2 and Action Comics #1034, and both deal with the concept of Superman taking a greater role in the world of man Even Checkmate #3 underlines this a little on its opening page… As in Superman: Son Of Kal-El #2, Jonathan Kent talks to Clark Kent on[...]
Choices must be made in Action Comics #1034, in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday The Warzoons are attacking the Fortress of Solitude, where Lois is holding down the fort with Thao-La But Superman is too busy trying to prevent war from breaking out between the United States and Atlantis to help them out, even[...]