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Action Comics #1 Ashcan Sells For $204,000
A copy of the Action Comics #1 Ashcan recently sold for $204,000 at auction One of only three known copies, the last one sold for $50,000 twelve years ago and the other is in the DC Comics vaults Intriguingly, the Action Comics ashcan doesn't have any Superman in it, just pages from Detective Comics and[...]
The debut of Zatanna in the title splash of Hawkman #4, DC Comics, 1964.
In 1999, foundational comics creator Fred Guardineer recalled the inauspicious genesis of the character Zatara for the San Jose Mercury News, "My friend and editor Vin Sullivan said, 'Make it as much like Mandrake as you can without getting sued.'" Perhaps not the sort of origin that lends itself to a decades-spanning character, and in[...]
Why Action Comics #1029 Is Getting Replaced And Reprinted
Action Comics #1029 was published on Tuesdays from DC Comics But something, it appears, was wrong And DC Comics informed comic book retailers that "due to printing damages, replacement copies of Action Comics #1029, main and variant, will be in store 4/13." We weren't entirely sure what the deal was.  Bleeding Cool reader and comics retailer[...]
The Death Of Superman And Changing The Future In Action Comics #1029
Yesterday saw the publication of Action Comics #1029 from DC Comics, following up on the previous issue's threat of the death of Superman Jonathan Kent knows that this is when his father, Clark Kent, will die in battle That's what trips to the 31st Century and History Class does to a man. And we get a[...]
DC Comics To Send Replacements For Yesterday's Action Comics #1029
Action Comics #1029 was published yesterday from DC Comics But something, it appears, was wrong No idea what, and it doesn't seem urgent enough to issue a recall, such as the Superman By Grant Morrison (And Sholly Fisch) Omnibus But DC Comics has informed comic book retailers that "due to printing damages, replacement copies of[...]
Bryan Hitch Draws Frank Quitely All-Star Superman For Crime Syndicate
And it's not the only direct reference, with this scene by Kieron McKeown… Crime Syndicate #1 by Kieron McKeown. Which does seem very rather familiar. Action Comics #1 cover. Of course, there's been quite a lot of that around this past week. Lois And Superman screencap. Crime Syndicate #1 by Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKeown and Bryan Hitch is published by DC[...]
Superman's Infinite Frontier Kryptonians – Have We Met Them Before?
The Superman DC Comics May 2021 solicitations for Action Comics #1031 by Philip Kennedy Johnson and Daniel Sampere, reads thus; "Warworld Rising" part two! After a war-torn battleship escapes Warworld and makes the perilous journey to Earth, Superman searches for answers about the identities of its mysterious refugees and their apparent link to the planet[...]
Classic Action Comics Story Up For Auction At ComicConnect
Action Comics fans all have their favorite covers and stories from the golden and silver ages, as Superman features some of the best and most iconic One of those covers that is a personal favorite of mine is #267, featuring Hercules punching a brick wall with a picture of Superman on it, sending bricks flying[...]
Flakes From Action Comics #1, Being Auctioned Today
Action Comics #1 is one of the most valuable, most desired, most famous superhero comic books of all time It features the first appearance of Superman, from 1939, created by Joe Siegel and Jerry Shuster On the 24th of August, 2014, a copy graded as 9.0 by CGC sold on eBay for $3,207,852, the only[...]
Superman Dreams Of Being A 9/11 Terrorist In Action Comics (Spoilers)
Action Comics #1027  time, spoilers ahead Sometimes we all have mad thoughts Walking along the street, realising that you could just push the person in front of you into traffic Or on the subway, into the path of an oncoming train Mad thoughts, we don't act on them, the horror we feel from even thinking[...]
A Different Lois Lane All Along? (Action Comics #1026 Spoilers)
Action Comics #1025 spoilers ahead During Brian Bendis' run on the Superman books – one coming to a conclusion soon – we have seen a number of new characters come to the fore Including one Marisol Leone, head of the Invisible Mafia, an organised crime syndicate hidden from Superman's view Today, Brian Bendis, John Romita and[...]
Brian Bendis Superman Run Comes to A End In December
Action Comics #1028 is described as "Brian Michael Bendis, John Romita Jr., and Klaus Janson wrap up their run on Action Comics with "House of Kent: Epilogue"!" while Superman #28 is "the Man of Steel's last stand in this final Superman tale by the superstar team of Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado"[...]
Action Comics #1023 Review: A Big Chunk Of Biff And Pow
Lois, who has never understood the phrase, "mind your business," inevitably goes stumbling into the aforementioned Red Cloud and therefore requiring the invocation of her high powered hubby. The cover of Action Comics #1023 Credit: DC Comics Smallville's finest, however, is not alone His teenaged son Jon Kent is back from a thousand years in the future[...]
Action Comics #1023
In today's Action Comics #1023 from Brian Michael Bendis, John Romita and Klaus Janson we see Marisol Leone, head of the Invisible Mafia that runs Metropolis' organised crime networks and owner of the Daily Planet (until Jimmy Olsen #12 joins in with the continuity) But it seems that Superman has a bit of an issue with[...]
Today More DC Comics Characters Realise They Were Rebooted (Spoilers)
He joined DC Comics in 2018, taking over the Superman books from Action Comics #1000, introduced characters like Rogol Zaar and Red Cloud as well as the Metropolis Invisible Mafia, dealt with Jor-El returning to life, brought Ma and Pa Kent back to life, aged Jonathan Kent into an older teenager, brought back the Legion[...]