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Action Comics #1 (DC, 1938).
An Action Comics #1 CGC 8.5 has just shattered the vintage comics record books with a $6 million sale at Heritage Auctions.  This is an all-time record for a copy of Action Comics #1 as well as the highest price ever paid for any comic book, surpassing the $5.3M private sale of the Superman #1[...]
Some Late Night Superman Gossip For The House Of Brainiac (Spoilers)
In two weeks time, Superman titles kick off the House Of Brainiac crossover between Action Comics, Superman, Green Lantern and Power Girl So what have we heard at Bleeding Cool? I mean, okay, some we read in the solicitations But not all… Action Comics will see Lois Lane take a day off as acting EIC of[...]
DC Comics
Metropolis is under attack by Bizarro magic in Action Comics #1062 today, and everyone is affected Well, mostly everyone The Blue Devil and John Constantine are on the case, and Constantine does something he's never done before And I don't mean join a team of superheroes, obviously he should never do that, but he does[...]
Bizarro Superman
Tomorrow sees Action Comics #1062 deal with a Metropolis that has gone looney, the Bizarro infection that has taken over Metropolis, and turned it into New Htrae Just as Batman #143 is dealing with a future infection from the Joker. But it's not just Metropolis that has been turned by the Bizarro magic. Superman of course is[...]
DC Comics
Action Comics #1062 by Jason Aaron and John Timms is published by DC Comics this Tuesday, with a metropolis that is being magically infected by Bizarro Just as Gotham is being infected by the Joker over in Batman #143 There is a lot of infection going on right now, isn't there? Is this the fictional[...]
DC Comics
Well, Jason Aaron takes over writing the Superman lead in Action Comics #1061 this week And Bizarro can see a problem Jason Aaron Because that is his current daunting project, and told us that we are to expect a different kind of Bizarro Superman story from him Jason Aaron told the crowd at Thought Bubble[...]
DC Only Has A Decade Left Of Ownership Of Batman And Superman
Superman in Action Comics #1 in 1938 Mickey Mouse first appeared in Steamboat Willie in 1928, and that version is now in the public domain What does that mean? It means that DC has a decade left of Superman and eleven years of Batman before they fall into the public domain – or at least[...]
Blue World Action Comics
In recent issues of Action Comics, terrorist/activist group Blue Earth, led by Norah Stone, campaigning against the alien invasion of Superman, has been revealed as a stooge for an interdimensional invasion from Earth Al Ghul and Norah Stone to be Janan Al Ghul., the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul in that world[...]
Blue World Action Comics
Blue Earth first appeared in Action Comics #1051, an anti-Superman and "human supremacist" activist group with terrorist leanings And committed to an alien-free Metropolis The subtext was pretty much, well, text Just as Superman is (finally) committed to helping humanity as a species, so the Blue Earth Movement is there to reject such assistance. Action Comics[...]
DC Comics
Superman faces an evil doppelganger Superman in Action Comics #1058 tomorrow Again.  What does it think it is, a Marvel movie? Fighting yourself is just superheroic onanism, right? But this is one Superman with experience, and one without… For a start, it's a Superman who knows that his first appearance in Action Comics #1 was in[...]
New York Bar Gossip: Action Comics To Be A Proper Anthology Again?
Bleeding Cool gets the word from the bars of New York, as New York Comic Con explodes around it, about big plans afoot for the Action Comics series, published by DC Comics since 1939 that included the first – and continual – appearance of Superman, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The comic book series[...]
DC Comics Tuesday
Blue Earth first appeared in Action Comics #1051, an anti-Superman and "human supremacist" activist group with terrorist leanings And committed to an alien-free Metropolis The subtext was pretty much, well, text. Action Comics #1051 Just as Superman is (finally) being committed to helping humanity as a species, so the Blue Earth Movement is there to reject such[...]
Will Mark Waid Write Superman In Action Comics In 2024?
Doesn't matter that that wasn't true; since when do truth and politics go hand in hand? Welcome to the real world." Over a decade later, Mark Waid was offered the job of writing Action Comics, to replace James Robinson, who publisher Dan DiDio had fired over an office love triangle, until DiDio was informed by Warner[...]
DC Comics
Superman spoilers!: In last months's Action Comics #1054, the Death of Superman made its 30th anniversary come back with the return of Cyborg Superman Alongside Steel, that was two of the four replacement Supermen from The Reign Of The Supermen that followed And in this Tuesday's Action Comics #1055 we get to revisit them. As well[...]
Two New Celebrations for 30 Years of The Death Of Superman (Spoilers)
And that gets revealed in this week's Action Comics #1054. But this is not the only callback to the Death of Superman And I don't even mean eath of Superman's co-creator Dan Jurgens with his Lois & Superman strip. Cyborg Superman,looking very much like one of the four figures who replaced Superman after his death[...]
Cover image for Action Comics #1052
Action Comics #1052 is published by DC Comics tomorrow And this question comes up again Is Superman the secret identity of Clark Kent? Or is Clark Kent the secret identity of Superman? Here are some quotes on the matter… "Superman didn't become Superman Superman was born Superman When Superman wakes up in the morning, he's Superman[...]
A Big Change To The Superman Family This Week (SuperSpoilers)
This week sees the publication of Action Comics #1051, the Superman comic intended to kick off the new DC Comics era dubbed "Dawn Of DC", and playing out across 2023 We looked at a possible "Knight Terrors" for the Batbooks in the summer, yesterday But what of Superman? Clark Kent and his son Jonathan Kent have[...]
Exactly How Clark Kent & Jon Kent Get Superman Secret Identities Back
Over a month ago, Bleeding Cool ran some rumours regarding how Superman's Clark Kent and Jon Kent would be getting their secret identities as Superman back, with Action Comics #1050, on sale today It seems that we did pretty well, looking at how Lex Luthor did the deed But what we didn't have then, was[...]
Action Comics #19 (DC Comics, 1939).
Collecting early Action Comics can be tough going for mere mortal Superman collectors.  Action Comics #1 is so far out of reach for all but the wealthiest of collectors, even in very low grade, that just the "No 1" from the cover of that first issue has gone for $7,101.  What's an ordinary collector to[...]
Superman Does Action Comics #1 Cover Twice Today
You know, just before he is whisked away to die at the hands of Pariah in Justice League #75 from back in April 2022, to die a temporary death again. But no one will forget what he did with that green car on the front cover of Action Comics #1 in 1938 And DC Comics isn't[...]
Auto Draft
Now today's Action Comics #1049 goes further, and shows that the recruitment of Manchester Black may not even have been Superman's idea Looks like Batman was right. And that he was a fifth columnist all along. Though odds are Superman knew this from the beginning… always good to have Lex Luthor on the inside pissing out, than[...]
DC To Get Its Own Infinity Gauntlet With Action Comics? (Spoilers)
Now, in Action Comics, he is back on Earth But just as freeing slaves was deliberately shown as not the easiest of tasks, when freedom is a foreign concept and aspects of slavery are even valued by those enslaved, so the act of freeing the slaves also has consequences for Superman Because nothing is as[...]
The Fallout Of Warworld Across The DC Universe
Today,  following up on the events of Superman: Warworld Apocalypse, sees the publication of Action Comics #1047 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, David Lapham and Will Conrad, which saw Superman returning to Earth and to Lois Lane But everything else was left hanging. Today's Action Comics #1047 fills in those gaps but also shows how the Warworld story[...]
Superman Gets New Era Starting With Action Comics #1050
A brand new era of Superman will kick off in December's Action Comics #1050, and DC comics is celebrating that new era with a focus on storytelling, looking to hook new readers with an exciting and accessible premise that will ensure the long-term prosperity of the series and the industry as a whole Just kidding![...]
Auto Draft
Action Comics is a tale of two comics these days On Earth and as It Is In Heaven Superman's battle against the slave-system of Warworld, while the Earth continues without him And while the comic has yet to tie into Justice League #75 where all the Justice League are seen to die (and more on[...]
Daddy Superman Comes Home To Die In Action Comics in September
Only Aquaman and Flash seem to have reflected the new situation, and Green Lantern just went away. But now Clark Kent is returning from Warworld with Superman: Warworld Apocalypse #1 and the run up to Action Comics #1050 Is he coming back to his expected death? Because DC Comics has been teasing that for an age[...]
Action Comics
The current run of Action Comics written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson has seen Superman take his pursuit of freedom and justice to WarWorld, run by Mongul, in an attempt to free the captive, fighting slaves of the world A freedom, however, it seems that few want A confrontation of the simplicities summed up by Superman[...]
Cover image for Action Comics #1043
Superman's revolution turns on a weaponized baby in this preview of Action Comics #1043, in stores Tuesday from DC Comics Has the Man of Steel gone too far? Or, for Zack Snyder fans… not far enough?! And all it probably wanted was some formula, but you can't get that stuff on Warworld Thanks Joe Biden![...]
Action Comics #39 (DC, 1941)
The United States' entry into WWII seemed all but certain when Action Comics #39 hit the newsstands in June 1941 (with a cover date of August), and the cover by Fred Ray for this issue reflects that The interior story did as well, indirectly — because the plot centers around a villain given powers by[...]
Action Comics #16 Lamont Larson Pedigree (DC, 1939)
Provenance has always been important to serious comic book collectors, and the Lamont Larson Pedigree is one of the best examples of why this is true.  Lamont Larson (1927-2020) purchased more than 1,000 comic books at Creutz Drug Store in Wausa, Nebraska from 1936-1941, and his collection has subsequently become one of the most famous,[...]