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Action Comics #1033 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and tensions are heating up in this preview, where Amanda Waller's agents run afoul of Atlantis, sparking an international incident As countries around the world choose sides between the United States and Atlantis, even the Justice League are squabbling Check out the preview below. ACTION[...]
Amanda Waller To Spark International Incident Between USA and Atlantis?
Well, upcoming Action Comics issues see a major diplomatic incident kick off as "Superman is halfway around the world trying to stop the U.S from declaring war on Atlantis" Well, Bleeding Cool has learned that it is all Amanda Waller, seeking to use her Task Force X forces to steal an object of power, The[...]
DC Reboots Phantom Zone Origin As Lovecraftian Horror (Spoilers)
Tomorrow sees the publication of the delayed Action Comics 2021 Annual by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Siya Oum, which returns to the world seen in Future State: House Of El But in doing so, it tells a deep dark secret about Krypton's past, which will affect the modern-day DC Comics continuity, as well as retconning[...]
Action Comics 2021 Annual #1 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, returning to the story of the House of El from DC Future State It's an issue that promises action, romance, and the consequences of Clark Kent's actions in the future Check out the preview below. ACTION COMICS 2021 ANNUAL #1 DC Comics 0421DC035 0421DC036 – ACTION[...]
How Much Would You Pay for Action Comics #20 Without Its Cover?
But also they have curios which beg the question – how much would you pay for this? Such as Action Comics #20 from 1940 without its cover, part of Heritage Auctions' current Sunday And Monday Comics Auction. Action Comics #20 Without Its Cover, Up for Auction from Heritage Most comic books without their cover would be worthless,[...]
LATE: DC Comics from Action Comics To American Vampire
Some that originally were meant to have been published by now… Action Comics Annual 2021 was solicited to be published last week, the 29th of June We now have a new date for it, next week on the 13th of July. American Vampire #10 was planned for the 13th of July, but has now been knocked back[...]
The Tale Of Three Action Comics #1 At Auction
Action Comics #1 is probably the most significant of all American comic books, featuring as it does the first appearance of Superman by Joe Siegel and Jerry Shuster But there are copies of Action Comics and… there are copies of Action Comics Three such are up for auction at ComicConnect as part of their Session[...]
DC Comics To Restart Batman and Superman Collections From Vol 1 Again
Time to start counting again! It looks like DC Comics will be reunumbering their collections for Action Comics and Detective Comics from Vol 1 again, for the post Future State/Infinite Frontier semi-relaunch Which means that the Phillip Kennedy Johnson-written Action Comics run which began with Action Comics #1030 will be collected in a new Volume[...]
And there's about to be more, because Superman rescues a space ship full of Kryptonian refugees in this preview of Action Comics #1031, in stores from DC Comics next week Plus a Midnighter story too?! It's two comics for the price of… well, for the price of what five of them should cost, but it's[...]
Action Comics
In recent Superman and Action Comics titles from DC Comics, written by Philip Kennedy Johnson, there have been plenty of teases for the upcoming death of Clark Kent, Superman Again While future solicits have Jonathan Kent taking over the role of Superman on Earth, and Clark Kent on WarWorld Today's Action Comics #1030 adds some[...]
Action Comics #1 Ashcan Sells For $204,000
A copy of the Action Comics #1 Ashcan recently sold for $204,000 at auction One of only three known copies, the last one sold for $50,000 twelve years ago and the other is in the DC Comics vaults Intriguingly, the Action Comics ashcan doesn't have any Superman in it, just pages from Detective Comics and[...]
The debut of Zatanna in the title splash of Hawkman #4, DC Comics, 1964.
In 1999, foundational comics creator Fred Guardineer recalled the inauspicious genesis of the character Zatara for the San Jose Mercury News, "My friend and editor Vin Sullivan said, 'Make it as much like Mandrake as you can without getting sued.'" Perhaps not the sort of origin that lends itself to a decades-spanning character, and in[...]
Why Action Comics #1029 Is Getting Replaced And Reprinted
Action Comics #1029 was published on Tuesdays from DC Comics But something, it appears, was wrong And DC Comics informed comic book retailers that "due to printing damages, replacement copies of Action Comics #1029, main and variant, will be in store 4/13." We weren't entirely sure what the deal was.  Bleeding Cool reader and comics retailer[...]
The Death Of Superman And Changing The Future In Action Comics #1029
Yesterday saw the publication of Action Comics #1029 from DC Comics, following up on the previous issue's threat of the death of Superman Jonathan Kent knows that this is when his father, Clark Kent, will die in battle That's what trips to the 31st Century and History Class does to a man. And we get a[...]
DC Comics To Send Replacements For Yesterday's Action Comics #1029
Action Comics #1029 was published yesterday from DC Comics But something, it appears, was wrong No idea what, and it doesn't seem urgent enough to issue a recall, such as the Superman By Grant Morrison (And Sholly Fisch) Omnibus But DC Comics has informed comic book retailers that "due to printing damages, replacement copies of[...]