The Great Misfits Conspiracy Of 2010

Okay. One episode in and we have a mystery. The identity of Super Hoodie. First seen in the first series, this closest-thing-to-a-superhero-the-show-has character is seen in his base surrounded by big digital clocks counting down and a stack of photographs. He knows exactly the right time and place to be to help out the various Misfits and has the physical chops to be there back on time. So who is he?

Well, the first episode has Nathan confess to the group that it's him. Before laughing and giving us an "obviously not!"

Which would be rather poignant if it turns out it is him, time travelling back "to put right what once went wrong". There is a time traveller in the group, Curtis, but Super Hoodie is clearly a shorter, whiter male. But could Curtis somehow send Nathan back in time? It might explain the obsession with clocks. The knowledge about the group and the times when certain things are meant to happen. And his first appearance in the show was to help Nathan escape from assailants, on his bicycle. So there's that instant initial connection.

Of course it wouldn't explain how the cocky, self obsessed wanker that is Nathan turns into some kind of dedicated, motivated, altruistic do gooder.

But it's a start, isn't it?

The Great Misfits Conspiracy Of 2010

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