Funko Judge Dredd One Shot Comic Review – The Law Doesn't Run From Hugs!

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Funko Judge Dredd One Shot - IDW

I am a complete sucker for Judge Dredd. I am a bigger sucker for tiny, cute, and angry Dredd. And hoo boy this Funko Judge Dredd One Shot comic delivers all of that! I enjoy the Funko Pop toys, and I like that they're making comics based on the toys, even though it is a little redundant. Dredd's mythology doesn't really lend itself to cutesy, family friendly stories, but here we are. There are three stories in this issue, and they're all neat little things. "Crim Story" introduces the reader to the Funko Dredd judge-dredd-funko-universe-4-600x922world, where Dredd fights Buffalo Burt Blaylock, one of Earth's most wanted mutants. It's a quick good guy vs bad guy story, and it's executed well. It's funny, the dialogue is child friendly, though questionable.

"All Pupped Up" is my favorite of the three. Dredd comes to the aide of an elderly citizen who's dog had run away. Dredd finds a dog stuck up a tree, but the tree is surrounded by poisonous plants. Dredd proceeds to save the dog, who then becomes enamored with Dredd and also wants to be Judge. John Layman wrote a simple, yet fun story, and artist Troy Little brings it to life.

"Matters of Life & Death" is the final story, and is just as fun as the previous two. When zombies attack Mega City 1, citizens are running for their lives. Dredd meanwhile quips "The law doesn't run from zombies". It's the most Dredd thing ever uttered, and it's awesome. Turns out the Dark Judges (such as Judge Death) are turning citizens into zombies. Judge Anderson and Dredd are thinking of ways to get in without harming anyone, and they come up with some adorable disguises. It's such a fun story, I don't want to give away the rest.

It's a shame Funko Judge Dredd was just a one shot, as I'm happy to see a more child friendly Judge Dredd world. Of course that goes against everything Dredd, so I understand why fans wouldn't want that. I would suggest picking this up since it is a genuinely funny book with some excellent story telling and art. The entire creative team, Francesco Gaston, John Layman, Rob Schwartz, and Troy Little should feel proud of this comic. They all delivered a great one shot, even though I'm hoping this one shot gets a mini series!

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