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Cover image for 2000 AD PROG #2362 CHRISTMAS MEGA SPECIAL 2023
Including their Christmas Specials for 2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine and Monster Fun As well as a paperback version of the Definitive Nemesis volume, and collections of Helltrekkers, Fiends Of The Eastern Front, and the final issue of Smash. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see[...]
Maybe to counter the issue that Kev F Sutherland raised just the other day? While Judge Dredd goes back to its past with Mega-City 2099 Karl Stock's Comic Book Punks looks at the influence on British culture from comic book creators in the seventies and eighties And Rebellion try to create the perfect British Christmas[...]
Shelfdust's Steve Morris Joins 2000AD/Rebellion as Marketing Manager
Best known as a comics reporter and critic for the Comcis Beat and his Shelfdust Patreon site, he will take over the press and marketing role previously held by Michael Molcher, as Molcher expands his role as brand manager of Rebellion/2000AD. Rebellion publishes the British sci-fi anthology comic 2000AD every week, Judge Dredd Megazine every month,[...]
Cover image for SMASH #1 (OF 3)
There's even more comic book history at play here: the original 1960s run of the Syndicate of Crime featured writing by none other than Jerry Siegel, AKA the co-creator of Superman. It joins the rest of the solicits, including 2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine and the Mick McMahon Apex Edition coming to US stores for 2024. #gallery-1 { margin:[...]
Hiya Toys Unveils Judge Dredd Hall of Heroes Judge Anderson Figure 
Move over Judge Dredd; Judge Anderson has returned with yet another figure as she gives the supreme sacrifice Hall of Heroes Judge Anderson brings the heartbreaking moments to life where she sealed herself away with Judge Death locked in her mind This Judge Dredd set will feature a transparent coffin with a brand new Anderson[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts New Judge Dredd 1/12 Figure with Judge Death 
collection is about to get a new 6" addition as Hiya Toys continues to expand their Judge Dredd collection Judge Death has been resurrected once again, and he comes in at  6.5″ tall, with 18 points of articulation Just like the rest of the Judge Dredd 6" line, these figures are highly detailed and packed[...]
What If... 2000AD & Judge Dredd Merged With Battle/Action
2000AD and Judge Dredd time! Any British kid who read British weekly comic books in the sixties, seventies or eighties will be familiar with this cry "Great news for all readers inside!" the comic book would say on the cover of the issue To be revealed as "your favourite strips from BinkyBonky will now be[...]
Cover image for JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #460
Judge Dredd and related solicits and solicitations for September 2023, though most of them only making it to the States from October What will be making it to the USA first is art posters by graphic artist Matt Ferguson, that will be sold at San Diego Comic-Con, with  two variants of a movie-style Judge Dredd[...]
Hiya Toys Unveils New Judge Dredd Set with Anderson vs Dark Judges
We have already seen standard, black & white, and two packs for the hit 1/18 scale Judge Dredd line However, it looks like some new deluxe releases are on the way, as it is Judge Anderson vs The Dark Judges for this special 1/18 Scale Figure Set Judge Anderson is now featured with her very[...]
Cover image for 2000 AD MARCH PROG PACK (AUGUST 2023 SHIPPING) (MR)
Holden and the like are up to these days, why not check out 2000AD, Judge Dredd Magazine, Monster Fun and Battle Action from Rebellion, from their August 2023 solicits and solicitations – though actually getting to the US in September and October. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts 2000 A.D. Gaze Into The Fist of Judge Dredd Set 
The Judge Dredd line continues at Hiya Toys as another brand new release is on the way It was not long ago that Hiya debuted their new 1/12 Dredd figure, which can be seen here However, we are king back to 1/18 scale this time with their new "Gaze Into The Fist of Dredd" 2-Pack[...]
Doctor Who: Tennant Said Beep the Meep Comic Creators Visited the Set
Pat Mills and John Wagner are the creators of Judge Dredd for 2000AD, and Dave Gibbons not only drew Rogue Trooper for 2000AD but went on to co-create and draw Watchmen Beep the Meep is their Doctor Who connection The Americans have Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, the British have Two Degrees to Doctor Who[...]
The Future Of Teenage Boys Reading Comics In America?
And it's 2000AD and Judge Dredd I mean, there have indeed been romantic moments over the years, but it is not the central concern of most 2000AD characters. Might it be possible for Rebellion to attempt to repackage their comics in that format and aim it at a YA audience? Given that bookstores have had entire[...]
Another Unofficial Preview Of Batman #131 (Spoilers)
A second preview from sources today showed this Judge Dent in greater detail as a proper Judge Dredd of Gotham in a world without Batman And we got a look at this world's Red Mask as well And now Twitter account Old Comics has posted three pages from Batman #131 in anticipation of this Tuesday's[...]
Harvey Dent As Judge Dredd In Batman #131 Preview (Spoilers)
He is the law! Batman #131 preview That's right, Chip Zdarsky and Mike Hawthorne have turned Harvey Dent in a world without Bruce Wayne into a Judge Dredd analogue Could this be another Judgment On Gotham moment? " Batman #131 preview Solicits for Batman #132 also state "Can Bruce Wayne find the answers before the mysterious Red Mask captures[...]
Judge Dredd’s Judge Fire Brings the Heat with New Hiya Toys Figure
The world of Judge Dredd can be a little black and white, and Hiya Toys continues to pay homage to the comics' original black and white art Judge Fire is back with a white-hot new release joining the line in black and white format This deadly Judge finished off teh black and white deco variant[...]
Brendan McCarthy To Stop Drawing Comics After Failing Eyesight
But that'll be it." Brendan McCarthy To Stop Drawing Comics After Failing Eyesight Brendan McCarthy is a British artist and designer best known for his work on Judge Dredd for 2000AD, but also with Peter Milligan on comic books such as Freakwave, Strange Days, Paradax, Skin and Rogan Josh, but who also co-wrote the film Mad Max:[...]
Judge Dredd’s Judge Anderson with Lawmaster Arrives from Hiya Toys 
Hiya Toys Judge Dredd 1/18 scale figure line is still going strong, and a new deluxe set has arrived Judge Anderson is back, and this time, she is getting bundled together with the infamous Lawmaster motorcycle This seems to be just a rerelease for Anderson, but it is nice to see a second Lawmaster bike[...]
Rebellion Unplugged Is Bringing Back The Judge Dredd Board Game
Rebellion Unplugged along with 2000 AD will be re-releasing Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime Fighting in Mega-City One The game is being brought back to its former glory after 40 years with the help of its original designer, Sir Ian Livingstone, as they will not only reintroduce it to a new audience but add[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts New B&W Judge Dredd Figure with Judge Fear
Judge Dredd 1/18 scale line of figures It is not surprising, though, as that popular comic has plenty of Judges to bring to life, and they have done a remarkable job with each Fans are still patiently waiting to see Hiya Toys 1/12 Judge Dredd figure, and after the release of the 1/12 scale RoboCop,[...]
New Judge Dredd Figure Comes to Hiya Toys with Mean Machine Angel 
We have already seen plenty of versions of Judge Dredd and some of the other Judges, but now some villains are arriving It is going on all hands on deck this time as one of Mega-City One's most dangerous criminals comes to life with the debut of Mean Machine Angel This hot-headed criminal is the[...]
Cover image for JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #450
Another all-ages 2000AD, and the 450th Judge Dredd Megazine fill Rebellion/2000AD's November 2022 solicits and solicitations as we also get the collection of Department K by Rory McConville, Dan Cornwell and P J Holden. JUDGE DREDD MEGAZINE #450 REBELLION / 2000AD SEP221931 (W) VARIOUS (A) VARIOUS (CA) Tom Foster More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd![...]
Pat Mills, Creator Of 2000AD Launches NFT Edition Of Judge Dredd Secret History
Pat Mills, creator of 2000AD and developer of Judge Dredd, is famed for creating satirical excoriation of capitalism, exploitation and a general sticking-it-to-the-man attitude to life Which is why it was a slight surprise to discover that he had go head over heels into NFTs A bit like finding Johnny Rotten wants Jacob Rees-Mogg to[...]
2000AD and Judge Dredd first saw print in 1977 In 2022 it is still going strong, And Judge Dredd, from Pat Mills, Alan Grant and John Wagner, became the most recognisable character in the comic A satirical critique of the way it looked like police were going, especially American police, turning them into one man[...]
Alan Grant at a comics convention in the early 1990s video still
Alan Grant, best known for writing Judge Dredd for 2000AD and Batman and Lobo for DC Comics, passed away this morning at the age of 73 His wife, Sue Grant, posted to Facebook "I have no words Alan died this morning." A longstanding comic book creator for fifty-five years, and born in 1949, he began[...]
Penguin Audio & 2000 AD Adapt Nemesis, Rogue Trooper & Judge Dredd
We know that performance and tone of voice is key for audio – which is exactly why these adaptations are so good.' Judge Dredd: Origins The Classic 2000 AD Graphic Novel in Full-Cast Audio John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, Kev Walker The essential Judge Dredd novel series – the ultimate introduction to the Lawman of the Future! An unusual delivery[...]
Judge Dredd Goes Black and White with New Hiya Toys Releases
Judge Dredd and Judge Mortis  Black and White Variants have been unveiled, standing at the usual size of 4″ tall Both figures will have about 16 points of articulation with each having the same accessories as their previous colored version, but with a new deco Judge Dredd will come with swappable hands, a baton, and[...]
Judge Dredd’s Chief Judge Caligula Has Arrived at Hiya Toys
release for their impressive line of 1/18 scale Judge Dredd figures Another member of the Corp has arrived with the madman known as Chief Judge Caligula This is someone you don't want to mess with, and he will feature 16 points of articulation He will have a fabric cape as well as a nice set[...]
Rebellion is bringing back their blast-from-the-past retro kids comic Monster Fun this summer in their August 2022 solicits and solcitations alongside plenty of Doctor Who,   #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ MONSTER FUN BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL REBELLION / 2000AD JUN221852 (W) VARIOUS (A[...]
Judge Dredd and the Lawmaster Arrive with New Hiya Toys Bundle 
Hit the streets of Mega-City One in style as Hiya Toys announces their newest Judge Dredd 2000 A.D release The Lawmaster is back as Hiya Toys reveals their new Judge Dredd and Lawmaster MKII Motorcycle Set This fantastic set gives 2000 A.D fans exactly what they want with two highly detailed collectibles that are loaded[...]