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Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum Ten Months Late from DC Comics
Written by Chew co-creator John Layman, with art by Jesús Hervás, it was previously announced for May this year but never came out, as the game was delayed Now, it's finally up for publication in February 2024 as the game has been rescheduled. "This five-issue monthly series for readers 17+ (to match the videogame rating) provides[...]
The Shock of Dealing With AfterShock - Zac Thompson & John Layman
It was left purposely vague and it took them YEARS to explain themselves." Zac Thompson wrote The Brother of All Men, The Replacer, Relax, Undone Blood, Her Infernal Descent and I Breathed A Body, all published through Aftershock Comics. John Layman who wrote The Man Who F#&%ed Up Time and Eleanor and the Egret at Aftershock concurred. #gallery-2[...]
Joining Tucci on The Rocketeer: Pavlichenko is colourist Brian Miller and designer/letterer Mindy Lopkin. Other contributors include Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson doing a new Astro City story, John Layman and Rob Guillory doing a new Chew story, Walter Simonson doing a new Star Slammers story, Howard Chaykin doing a new American Flagg story, Stan Sakai doing a new Usagi Yojimbo story, Matt Wagner doing a new Grendel story, Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier doing[...]
That Was The Bad Idea Comics SDCC Pin-Exclusive Party That Was
We caught art from Lewis LaRosa, Ramon Villalobos, Alberto Ponticelli, David Lapham and more. Also spotted at the party, Matt Kindt of course, but  Josh Dysart, Kevin McGuire, John Layman, Xander Canon, Gonzo, Kyle Higgins, Chip Mosher, Christina Merkler of DCBS and Lunar and the President of the CBLDF, Jenn Haines, President of ComicsPRO, Benny Potter of Comicstorian,[...]
Ukraine Refugee Comic With Groo, Chew, Grendel, Astro City & More
At press time, stories will be created by a virtual who's who of writers and artists, including Brent Anderson, Sergio Aragones, June Brigman, Kurt Busiek, Howard Chaykin, Joshua Dysart, Mark Evanier, Emil Ferris, Dave Gibbons, Rob Guillory, John Layman, Gabriel Rodriguez, Stan Sakai, Louise Simonson, Walter Simonson, Chris Sprouse, Jill Thompson, Matt Wagner, Mark Waid,[...]
Chu #6 Review: A Dumpster Fire That Walks Like A Woman
This leads to an indecent proposal, a helpful dinner, and a late-night stroll that surprises at least one of its participants. Writer John Layman knows how to make a scoundrel character shine, and the art from Dan Boultwood is both cartoony (check the eyebrow through the hair gag) and action-packed (check the moment for "perfect timing")[...]
Image Comics July 2021 Solicits and Solicitations in Full
Chu, the Chew sequel by John Layman and Dan Boultwood published by Image Comics saw its fifth issue published in November 2020 – and nothing since But Chu will return in July, part of Image Comics' July 2021 solicitations. The comic stars Saffron Chu, sister to Chew-star FBI investigator Tony, and is a criminal A cibopars,[...]
Frank at Home #1 Review:
And so ends the first arc of Chu by John Layman and Dan Boultwood What started out as an interesting idea for a Chew prequel that struggled to find its own voice in the debut issue has, ever since the stellar Chu #2, delivered killer issue after killer issue Does this first arc finale continue this series' trend of[...]
Juggernaut #1 Review:
Chu #4 continues John Layman and Dan Boultwood's excellent prequel to Layman and Rob Guillory's Chew. For three issues, the series has alluded to events in Chew while creating its own crime caper of a story, pitting Saffron unwillingly against Tony. Chu #4 cover Credit: Image Comics Chu continues to be one of the best reads every month, with a story that will[...]
Shadow Service #2 Review:
John Layman and Dan Boultwood are back with another issue of the Better Call Saul to Chew's Breaking Bad: the wildly entertaining Chu. Chu #3 picks up after the genuinely worrisome cliffhanger of the previous issue, resolving it in an appropriately bloody fashion. Chu #3 cover Credit: Image Comics Chu #3 continues this series streak of getting better with each issue[...]
Chu #3 Review: An Enjoyable If Tonally Rough Light Tragedy
This gives her a kind of Doctor Aphra-vibe as she stumbles through the mayhem and malfeasance which is comedic in its presentation, despite the clearly noirish elements herein. John Layman maintains the tone of the prequel/sequel series Chew with his scripting here, maintaining a snappy pacing and equally snappy wordplay Dan Boultwood's artwork brilliantly captures the mischief[...]
Auto Draft
John Layman was one of the writers who changed what it means to have an Image Comics series in the 2010s with Chew Now, he has teamed up with Dan Boultwood for a spinoff series, Chu, which focuses on Saffron Chu, sister of the original series' lead, Tony The first issue was a fun and thrilling gross-out that[...]
Chu #2 Review: Madcap Crime Caper
The coming chicken-based plague, the mad future of food-based superpowers … stepping in before any of that happens makes those stories have an all-new resonance. John Layman's script and dynamic lettering are very effective here, while the strong, animated series-esque visual storytelling of Dan Boultwood strongly connected the dots in making this story draw you in. Despite[...]
Chu #1 Review: The Better Call Saul to Chew's Breaking Bad
John Layman's Chew was a standout creator-owned comic in a time that will be remembered and defined by incredible creator-owned comics It was funny and subversive, light yet emotional, action-packed and twisty, relatable, and yet gloriously weird Now, with Chew complete and artist and co-creator Rob Guillory moving onto his own written and drawn Farmhand, Layman sought a[...]
Chu #1 Review: Will Likely Whet Your Whistle
Writer John Layman was able to spin a multi-year story of adventure, betrayal, redemption, and justice from the idea of a man who could get psychic impressions from things he ate, detective Tony Chu Now, Layman has recruited new collaborator Dan Boultwood to return to the well while flipping the coin over, taking a look[...]
Chu #1 Reminds Us That Everything Is Cake
And John Layman… well he seems to have predicted the 'Everything Is Cake' meme. These Are All Cakes — Tasty (@tasty) July 8, 2020 In the "These Are All Cakes" video tweeted out by Buzzfeed's cooking vertical Tasty on July 8th that started the current meme trend, that shows numerous cakes decorated to look like everyday objects[...]
Outer Darkness Chew #3 Cover A
Launching in November of 2018 from Skybound, John Layman's next big title after Chew was Outer Darkness, a strange mix of humor, sci-fi, and horror with Afu Chan on art The series ran for 12 issues, collected in two trades, before launching into the Outer Darkness / Chew miniseries that ran 3 issues.  However, the[...]
Mars Attacks Red Sonja Launches in Dynamite August 2020 Solicitations
A couple of days ago, John Layman talked about his history writing crossovers, and that another one was being announced This morning, we know what that is, Mars Attacks Red Sonja from Dynamite, out in August. Mars Attacks Red Sonja Launches in Dynamite August 2020 Solicitations Image from Twitter. Drawn by Fran Strukan, Mars Attacks Red Sonja[...]
Outer Darkness Chew
Outer Darkness/Chew #1 is out today from Image Comics, by John Layman, Rob Guillory and Afu Chan, creatively combining both universe courtesy of a little time travel scoop But this is only the beginning So while the cast of Chw get to catch up on both their past and future adventures by reading the very[...]
John Layman Is Teasing A Certain C-Word…
John Layman and Nick Pitarra's Leviathan series from Image Comics has not been seen for well over a year now And it looks like that's all we're going to get, folks. Leviathan is dead, sorry to say Nick has my blessing to finish it, but I don't think that will happen I apologize to anyone who[...]
John Layman Teases the Return of Chew...
Earlier this year, John Layman talked about the potential return of his five-year comic with Rob Guillory, Chew After first talking about the effect its publication had on him. After CHEW ended I was exhausted 64 issues (mostly) on time was grueling I took a year off Lost thirty pounds Traveled the world Sorta assumed I'd[...]
John Layman is The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time, From AfterShock in February
The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time launches in February, from John Layman, Karl Mostert and Dee Cunniffe Here's the solicitation: THE MAN WHO F#%&ED UP TIME #1 Writer: John Layman Artist: Karl Mostert Colorist: Dee Cunniffe Letterer: John Layman Cover: Karl Mostert w/ Dee Cunniffe 1:15 Incentive Cover: Larry Stroman Sean Bennett is just your everyday, ordinary lab worker in a high-tech lab[...]
John Layman and Nick Bradshaw Launch Bermuda at IDW in 2020
IDW announced a new comic at New York Comic Con from John Layman and Nick Bradshaw, set to debut in 2020 The comic is called Bermuda, about a 16-year-old girl who lives in an otherworldly dimension. Bermuda is just your normal, everyday 16-year old girl – who just happens to live in an otherworldly dimension, swarming[...]
John Layman Plans Sexy Surprise for Twitter Followers on Friday
John Layman, comic book writer of Chew and Outer Darkness, is planning a sexy surprise for his Twitter followers on Friday Layman revealed on Twitter Monday that he was planning to lock his account on Friday, February 1st Unlike other comic book writers fleeing Twitter to avoid fallout for revealing that The Punisher has an[...]
John Layman and Afu Chan's Outer Darkness Gets 2nd Printing
The debut issue of John Layman and Afu Chan's space-horror series Outer Darkness has sold out at Diamond (though your shop may still have copies) and is being "fast-tracked for a second printing in order to keep up with customer demand," according to an Image Press release which toned down the usual hyperbolic rhetoric that[...]