The Return Of Dragon Ball To Manga – Official

The Return Of Dragon Ball To Manga – OfficialA few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool reported we'd received word that the famed Dragon Ball was returning to manga. However it took such a circuitous route from Japan, through Italy, over to America and back to Britain again that it seemed to get rather mangled in the telling.

But it seems where there is smoke, there's fire.

Firstly, it was announced that publisher Shueisha was putting out a new magazine, Saikyō Jump (Super Strong Jump) aimed at children which would include weekly strips spinning off popular manga series that appears in Weekly Shonen Jump. Namely;

Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden (from Naruto) by Kenji Taira
Chopperman (from One Piece) by Hirofumi Takei
Vongola GP (Grand Prix) Kuru! (from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) by Toshinori Takayama
Gourmet Gakuen Toriko (from Toriko) by Akitsugu Mizumoto

But now it has been confirmed that one of the strips will be Dragon Ball SD. Not by the original creator, not tied into DB Online, but a colour Dragon Ball spinoff by Naho Ooishi.

So, new Dragon Ball manga. Just not as we knew it… the first issue will be published on December the 3rd in Japan, the 26th anniversary of Dragon Ball's first appearance in Weekly Shonen Jump.

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