Today, Spider-Verse Begins

Today with the publication of Superior Spider-Man #32, we get a clue about where the Spider-Verse event will all the Spider-Men you ever thought of all together is birthing from.

We knew that Doc Ock, the Superior Spider-Man was getting a trip to the future.

But it's getting back that's the problem, landing the poor fellow in all sorts of familiar timelines, with one constant factor.

Image (31)

This timeline, Doc?



But there's more.

Image (25)

What if Spider-Man lived in a continuing House Of M world? What if Civil War had continued? What if he still wore the Spider Armour? Either way it wouldn't protect from death at the hands of a new Big Bad.

Are all the multi-dimensional Spideys due to die?

Image (24)Surely not Pavitr Prabhakar? Remember him?

Spider-Man - India #2 Pg 00 [Marvel-2005] (Firelord-DCP)

And in a back-up we have this Spider-Man

Image (26)Who seems rather inspired by this one.


(UPDATE: Fixed!)

So what's happening here? Well, maybe something a little like this…

exiles85Am I the only one who missed the Exiles? Clearly not…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. Who, tomorrow have a special guest, the CBLDF's Charles Brownstein.

Thursday, August 14, entitled Legacy of Fear: The History of the Comics Code. We'll start at 7.30pm with some light refreshments, then hand over to Charles, so don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn more about the history of the Comics Code and the CBLDF's role.

Lords of Infinity

And on Friday evening launching the Lords of Infinity exhibition, featuring the works of Cristian OrtizAndy Poyiadgi and James Harvey running until September 7th.





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