True Detective Was Planning Female Leads For Season Two From The Original Pitch Document


It seems that the second season of True Detective will have female leads, something that was rumoured after a tweet from show creator Nic Pizzolatto

@friggenawesome One of the detriments of only having two POV characters, both men (a structural necessity). Next season…

And soon HBO were auditioning actresses as leads for the next season. But was this a reaction to reaction to the first season, or something intended from the very beginning?

Because this is an extract from the final page of the original True Detective pitch and proposal by Pizzolatto for HBO (which was significantly different to the broadcast show.)


Part of the unique nature of True Detective is that it proposes a change in the way we think about series branding. Though Hart and Cohle's stories definitively end with season one, treating these eight episodes like a single novel, the story structure is the franchise signature. Every season is two major actors enacting a season-long epic narrative, with great cinematic directors and writing.

For example, season two could revolve around two female leads, sayan I.A. investigator and a patrol officer, with two great film actresses, giving the narrative the chance to revisit its themes and concerns from the other side of the gender experience.

Due to the compression of time and terminal narrative, every season has enough reversals and revelations for an entire, multi-seasonrun of any other show, as well as a depth and nuance of character usually reserved for literature and stage."

Bring on the ladies…

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