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'Deputy': FOX Crime Drama with True Detective's Stephen Dorff Gets Official Trailer
Now, you can check out the trailer for yourselves below – which finds True Detective's Stephen Dorff as a Los Angeles lawman who suddenly finds himself caught between crime scenes and committee meetings: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: DEPUTY | Official Trailer | FOX ( From writer/executive producer Will Beall (Aquaman, Gangster Squad) and[...]
Game of Thrones, True Detective, Big Little Lies & More Coming Soon in 2019 | HBO
The third season of HBO's True Detective offered up plenty of great performances, a compelling mystery, and a whole slew of confused viewers Series creator and showrunner Nic Pizzolatto sat down with Esquire to offer some closure to a few of the more intriguing plot-lines. One of my favorite things about season three's mystery is how people[...]
'Deputy': True Detective's Stephen Dorff Locks Up Lead in FOX Police Drama
The show will be a western-themed show set in modern day Los Angeles, with Dorff playing a character not unlike Roland West – the Arkansas Police detective he portrayed on season three of HBO's True Detective The project is being spear-headed by director David Ayer (Bright), series writer Will Beall (Aquaman) and eOne. Dorff's Bill Hollister is a[...]
'True Detective' Season 3, Episode 7 "The Final Country": The Old Man Detective Agency Rides Again [REVIEW]
"The Old Man Detective Agency" is back in action this week on HBO's True Detective – and in "The Final Country", we finally begin to get some answers that have been deceptively long in coming. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: True Detective: Season 3 Opening Credits | HBO ( Nic Pizzolatto has had to work under[...]
'True Detective' Enters the Pink Room with "Hunters in the Dark" [SPOILER REVIEW]
We're closing in on the final chapters of HBO's True Detective, and it's starting to feel like there's very little room left for a satisfying conclusion to the slow, yet frustratingly compelling investigative procedural. "Hunters in the Dark" was the sixth episode of this third season of TD, and we're mired down in corruption and incompetence[...]
'True Detective': HBO Open to Season 4 for Crime Anthology Series
While viewers are still debating whether the second season of HBO's crime drama True Detective was a misunderstood "hidden gem" that was a victim of the first season's successes – or a slow, drawn out, uneven shadow of what made the first season so great One thing that isn't debatable: halfway through its eight-episode run,[...]
'True Detective' Review: "The Hour and The Day" Refuses to Show its Cards [SPOILERS]
The third season of HBO's True Detective started off strong, with unrelentingly excellent performances from Mahershela Ali, Stephen Dorf, and Carmen Ejogo blending seamlessly with Nic Pizzolatto's hard-boiled script With that said, this week's episode "The Hour and the Day" slows things down a bit–but there are some excellent high points to this potential low point[...]
True Detective Sparks a Slow Noir Burn with 'The Big Never' (SPOILER REVIEW)
The second episode of HBO's True Detective season 3 "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" ended on a tragic note–but not the kind of tragedy we are accustomed to on crime procedural series Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali) in 2015 has been grappling with dementia, but he's been having patches of clarity as he reflects on the investigation of the missing[...]