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According to a report from Deadline Hollywood, the broadcaster is in "active talks" for a new Marvel series – one that would focus on one of the comic book company's female superheroes Not much else is being revealed about the project – including development/production – though sources say it's part of ABC's plan to always[...]
'The Boys': The Deep's Favorite Thing? The Beautiful Ocean – with Kirei Shoyu Soy Sauce! [VIDEO]
Butcher capitalizes on Hughie's rage over his girlfriend Robin's accidental death at the hands of Superhero A-Train and enlists Hughie as part of his plan to bring down the super-hero franchise. Rounding out Butcher's team are Laz Alonso (The Mysteries of Laura) as second-in-command Mother's Milk; Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad) as The Female, a young Asian assassin with blistering fighting[...]
Rachel Unglighter – An Earlier Female Ghostbuster
I may talk about that later. But it also got me to thinking about previous female Ghostbusters Now, the receptionist character of Janine certainly took on that role repeatedly in the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. But there was also a comic from IDW, Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression by Scott Lobdell and Ilia Kyriazis from 2010 that might deserve revisiting. One that[...]
Not Just A Female Rai – More Valiant Characters Debut In Rai #14
Rai #14 from Valiant, part of their 4001AD Crossover, debuts the new female Rai, cover featured. But she's not alone in that There are a number of other Rais who appear to get a debut appearance as well. Here's the full preview Rai #14 from Valiant, part of their 4001AD Crossover, debuts the[...]
A New Marvel Record For Female Comic Creators – Gendercrunching March 2016
By Tim Hanley DC's overall percentage of female creators ticked down slightly in March while Marvel's took a sizeable, record setting jump We also take a look at another record setter, this year's Eisner nominations. DC COMICS After a higher start to the year, DC seems to be settling into the low teens, an area noticeably below their[...]
She Changed Comics, A New Female History Of The Industry From The CBLDF
She Changed Comics is a full-colour, 160-page book coming out this autumn, funded through Kickstarter and produced by the CBLDF. While traditionally the history of comic books is dominated by male names, Shuster and Siegel, Goodman, Kane, Eisner, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, this book will profile and interview sixty female creators from the beginning of the 20th century[...]
The Summer Of The Female Comic Book Movie – Look! It Moves! By Adi Tantimedh
Adi Tantimedh writes, While thousands of words are being written on comic book movies this summer, including the impending decline of the superhero movie, there's a trend that no one has picked up on: the rise of the female comic book movie [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65UUtHBHJZM[/youtube] Right now, a comic book movie is the biggest hit in China[...]
The Rise Of The Female Superhero With Amanda Conner, G Willow Wilson, Medeith Finch, Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Babs Tarr, Kate Perkins, Tara Butters, Sana Amanat, Marguerite Bennett, Shelley Bond, Michele Fazekas, Hayley Atwell, Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa Benoist And More. Like Grant Morrison, Axel Alonso, Jim Lee, Dan DiDio.
Amanda Conner, G Willow Wilson, Medeith Finch, Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Babs Tarr, Kate Perkins, Tara Butters, Sana Amanat, Marguerite Bennett, Shelley Bond, Michele Fazekas, Hayley Atwell, Jennifer Lawrence and Melissa Benoist are joined by Grant Morrison, Axel Alonso, Jim Lee, Dan DiDio and more to talk about the rise of the female superhero for Yahoo[...]
When Message Board Posters Write Marvel's Comics for Them
And it seems that the writers of both series, Jason Aaron and Rick Remender have incorporated them into the dialogue in their comics. First, Thor #5, who saw a fight with Crusher Creel get very meta indeed. And then the upcoming All-New Captain America #5… It does feel a little cut-and-pasted from /co or foxnation doesn't it? And if[...]
Marvel To Launch Two, Maybe Three New Female Focused Comics. Hopefully Without Rope Or Tape.
At the Marvel NOW! Panel at NYCC, one questioner asked if the would be any more female focussed titles from Marvel. This was shortly after another questioner asked, responding to panel comments about dating advice, recommending bringing rope and tape. Or as Melissa Grey of Starburst Magazine, sitting next to me murmured "welcome to Comic Con"… But addressing[...]
DC Comics Reaffirms Commitment To Female Creators And Characters
Earlier today I wrote about DC making plans for female-creator female-friendly projects, some of which as as a result of concern expressed at San Diego Comic Con about a massive reduction of female creators in the DC Relaunch. On the Source blog, DC Comics has just posted the following; Over the past week we've heard from fans[...]
Gendercrunching The DC Relaunch
by Tim Hanley With the full solicitations for DC Comics' relaunch now revealed, we have a special edition of Gendercrunching!! In terms of female characters, it looks decent Of the 52 new number ones, 7 of the books are headlined by solo women or all-female teams, and several other team books feature female characters[...]