Tuesday Through Texas, Columbus, Boston, Birmingham, London And Tokyo.

mangaRaina Telgemeier and Dave Roman, writers of the X-Men Misfits manga from Del Rey of X-Men: Misfits held a live chat on the publisher's website.

Raina: We'll have at LEAST three more female characters in volume 2.
Suvudu: Storm:

Roman will also be writing the Avatar: The Last Airbender manga based on the James Cameron movie based on the anime…

Boston Sox player Mike Lowell will appear on behalf of Labels Are for Jars clothing line to raise money for Cor Unum Meal Center at 12:30 p.m this Saturday at Newbury Comics.

Looking at King City, the Tokyo Pop title being published by Image Comics, Don McPherson mentions other Tokyo Pop books in legal limbo, East Coast Rising by Becky Cloonan, The Abandoned by Ross Campbell, and My Dead Girlfriend by Eric Wight, just waiting for a publisher to do a deal with Tokyo Pop. He quotes Campbell as saying "No word on The Abandoned. I haven't talked to Tokyo Pop in a long time. I think everybody I once knew there has been fired, heh." Eric Wight adds "I'm not positive about the specifics of Brandon's deal, but my impression was that they were for books already finished, which Tokyopop is allowing Image to publish". Becky states "I still really love the series, but when TP cancelled the book, I moved on to other things". Certainly for Tokyo Pop, if the work is completed, this is free money for them. And if additional work can be created, there's a revenue stream without some of the publishing risks, taking advantage of Image's brokered publisher stakes and no having to worry about the Diamond distribution minimums that haunt the dreams of other non-brokered publishers.

Kids coming back to school clash their comic book trademarks at the Centennial Elementary School according to Avalanche-Journal.

Next up was a boy wearing a Batman T-shirt and carrying a Spider-Man lunch box. Teal shook hands and said hello to the young comics fan and his parents as they passed.

The Birmingham comic book convention BICS begins its local media onslaught with the Birmingham Mail boasting of a four thousand strong attendance… while publishers of The Grudge game for the Wii are planning to use the London MCM Expo to launch the title and the show retains its videogame cosplay Guinness World Record despite a challenge from the rather larger Gamescom in Cologne. The comics section of MCM has been growing of late (just as San Diego's section has been shrinking) and I'm told Avatar are attending this year. Hell, I've been asked if I can buy some comics display racks for Avatar so they don't have to ship a bunch over…

Nick Simmons talks to KTLA 5 News about his new comic, Incarnate, and his shamelessness in using his father's name to prompt his work. And tells us that "the superhero has run its course…", disses Twilight and looking towards movies and DVDs for the characters.

The Columbus Examiner picks up the Gail Simone piece from yesterday, and Heidi's piece brings in comments from Gail, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, Nat Gertler, Dwayne McDuffie and, well, me.  This could run and run. Or just stop, I've killed the already-gargantuan Bleeding Cool thread already…

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