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Vin Diesel as the Vision? One might guess that the as-yet untitled Avengers sequel would be the best fit for the character, though he could be set to turn up anywhere, especially in those infamous end-credits button scenes. If Marvel really are looking to fill the role of The Vision right now, it would likely be in Iron Man 3 that they'd want to introduce him, what with the man-machine themes of that film's Extremis-derived storyline.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Cosplay Round-Up: Chicago Comic-Con 2012

There were a few true gems at Chicago Comic-Con this year.

Scott Snyder Talks Joker, Before Being Stabbed 

Scott Snyder posted to the Bleeding Cool forums, replying to Josh Adams' post about the new appearance of The Joker as has now been leaked all over the place. But he had more pressing concerns…

Avatar, Boom, Dynamite And IDW Solicitations For November 2012

Here's a look at a number of solicitations for the slightly newer, slightly smaller, slightly spunkier publishers listing new comics in the new Previews. From Avatar's Freakangels Slipcase collection to the new Supurbia series from Boom (with a BC quote in the solicits) to the end of The Boys from Dynamite to the beginning of Judge Dredd and My Little Pony at IDW – and a new Locke & Key series as well…

Vin Diesel Dropping Vision Hints – Will We See Him Join The Marvel Movieverse?

I'm not sure, then, quite how to take his latest updates.

Avengers 2 In Your Dreams: Fan Sculpts An FX Model Of Clark Gregg As The Vision 

Since our earlier story, in which Vin Diesel teased his fans about the possibility of his being cast as The Vision in Joss Whedon's Avengers sequel, we've found this work by a sculptor and lover of the Marvel universe who has created an alternative "vision" of Clark Gregg returning as the popular character.

Yep, It's Real – An All-Female Spin On The Expendables Is Coming 

Adi Shankar, producer of The Grey and Dredd, has set Dutch Southern to writing an Expendables-alike project for an all-female star cast.


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