Saturday Trending Topics: Yancy Street Blues

Saturday Trending Topics: Yancy Street BluesAs a dedicated cop show watcher as well as a comic fan, I think a tv cop drama set in the Marvel Movie Universe would be a very special kind of nerdvana:  ABC and Marvel are in early development on a TV show set in the Marvel Movie Universe, or as they put it, "the world of The Avengers."   A "number of ideas" are on the table, including – surprise, surprise – " a high-concept cop show."

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

An Original TV Show Set In The Marvel Movie Universe Under Development 

Many of ABC's plans for Marvel TV series have fallen by the wayside, and while Guillermo Del Toro and David Eick's Hulk show is still a contender for possible production, they're topping up the list of potentials with some new ideas.

The First Gay Kiss On Saudi Arabian TV

In last night's Olympic Opening Ceremony, during the Frankie And June Say Thanks Tim section celebrating a century of music and technology, when Frankie and June finally meet up and kiss, we got a barrage of clips of kisses from film and TV, from Charlie Chaplin to Lady And The Tramp to Shrek to Planet Of The Apes to Wall-E. And one was between two young women from the British TV soap Brookside from 1993, the first lesbian kiss between two characters on pre-watershed British television, a time considered suitable for all ages to watch unsupervised.

The Benedict Cumberbatch Olympics Video That Didn't Play Outside Of The UK

This special video with Benedict Cumberbatch and lots and lots of Londoners was made for the BBC's Olympic Coverage, not for the Olympic Ceremony in general. So, just like knowledge of who Tim Berners-Lee is, this clip didn't show up in NBC's show. Nor anywhere else in the world.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Marvel Cancels Thanos: Son Of Titan Mini-Series (UPDATE)

For those interested, plans have indeed changed on Thanos. Nothing too dramatic, we just jumped the gun a bit. Joe Keatinge and Rich Elson both have projects coming up in the Spidey office that we'll be announcing soon. They're bloody great!

Review: National Comics: Eternity #1

Personally, I've scratched my head at some of the choices that DC has made regarding it's comic lines. Thankfully, the publication of National Comics: Kid Eternity is not one of those head scratch inducing choices. It's a formula that you wonder isn't followed more often, you know, great writer plus great artist minus nosebleed inducing company wide continuity shenanigans. Consider Kid Eternity to be the olive branch, held out over the divisive 52 rift, saying, "Look, it's not all Catwoman contortions and reappearing, disappearing Robins. We haven't forgotten about you, regular comic reader."

When Giant Soul Caliber Robot Women Dance In Japanese Clubs 

Welcome to a new Shinjuku business, Robot Restaurant, staffed by women dressed in military gear, and who control giant women legless robots modelled on Valkyrie from Soul Calibur and who make them dance for the entertainment of patrons. The place cost over $100 million to open. Entrance is $40 for the show, and a drink.

Swipe File: Matches Malone And Axe Cop

Matches has matches. Axe Cop has an axe. As far as I can tell this is the only difference between them.


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