Red Sonja's Life Saved by the Shutdown? Killing Red Sonja #1 Preview

Killing Red Sonja #1 is in stores tomorrow. Well, it was supposed to be in stores tomorrow. It might already be in stores today. Or your store may be closed. It's chaos thanks to the industry shutdown and nobody knows what will happen. But while this doesn't look good for anyone in the comics industry, there is one person who will benefit: Red Sonja herself!



Once you've got a book titled after your death in comics, that's an almost surefire promise that you're going to die. Sure, you may be brought back and relaunched at a later date, probably not that far in the future, but nobody likes being killed off either way.

KillRedSonja-01-Int 1 copy

And so this preview of Killing Red Sonja #1 opens with some great moments in parenting as young Prince Cyril is taught to seek vengeance on his father's killer.

KillRedSonja-01-Int 2 copy

That killer, of course, being Sonja. and so Cyril vows to kill her in return.

KillRedSonja-01-Int 3 copy

Of course, right now he's taking his anger out on a tree.

KillRedSonja-01-Int 4 copy

Nevertheless, this is a mini-series so Cyril has to pace himself — he can't kill Red Sonja in the first issue. Then what would the rest of the series be about?

KillRedSonja-01-Int 5 copy

And that's why Sonja is getting off easy in the comic industry shutdown.

KillRedSonja-01-Int 8 copy

If no more comics are ever published after this week, Red Sonja will live forever!

KillRedSonja-01-Int 9 copy

Killing Red Sonja #1 hits stores, such as they are, nowish. You might as well buy it while you can. Who knows when you'll get another chance.

Killing Red Sonja #1
writers: Mark Russell, Bryce Ingman | artist: Craig Rousseau
covers: Christian Ward (A), Juan Gedeon "Zombie" Variant (B)
Christian Ward Grayscale Variant (RI/BW)
Christian Ward (RI/Crimson Spot Color Variant)
Christian Ward (RI/Crimson Variant)
FC | 32 pages | Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+
Don't miss out on this mini-series that will affect the Sonja series for years to come!
An all-new mini-series, spinning out of the smash hit RED SONJA title written by MARK RUSSELL!
In order to become queen, Sonja The Red had to defeat an evil emperor. But that emperor had a son. And that son will do ANYTHING to exact his revenge… even if it means embracing horrible magics he does not understand. By MARK RUSSELL (Red Sonja, Year Of The Villain), BRYCE INGMAN (Edgar Allen Poe's Snifter Of Terror) and CRAIG ROUSSEAU (The Flash).

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