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Red Sonja's Life Saved by the Shutdown? Killing Red Sonja #1 Preview

Killing Red Sonja #1 is in stores tomorrow. Well, it was supposed to be in stores tomorrow. It might already be in stores today. Or your store may be closed. It's chaos thanks to the industry shutdown and nobody knows what will happen. But while this doesn't look good for anyone in the comics industry, […]


FOC Cover Stories for Red Sonja and Red Sonja/Vampirella/Betty/Veronica

Okay, so, right now we are not even sure of the point of Final Order Cut-Off dates, with Diamond Comic Distributors closing their doors to all new products, comics, graphic novels, toys, statues, magazine, games, cards alike. But the best still keeps going and, just in case everything goes back to normal again soon, retailers […]

FOC Cover Stories From Boom and Dynamite - From Red Sonja to Red Mother

FOC Cover Stories From Boom and Dynamite – From Red Sonja to Red Mother

Boom Studios and Dynamite Entertainment are the leading proponent of what is known as the FOC cover, releasing cover images just before the Final Order Cut-Off date in an attempt to goose last minute orders out of retailers. But this week, Marvel, Valiant, Vault and DC are stepping in too. Dynamite especially use tiered covers, […]

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Dark Agnes Has A Very Special Skill (Spoilers)

Today sees the release of Dark Agnes #1 from Becky Cloonan and Luca Pizzari, and taking the Robert E Howard 16th century French character and fashioning her into a Red Sonja-type affair not for the first time this has been done) so they can revive that Conan/Red Sonja chemistry for subsequent Serpent-based crossovers. And just […]

Tomorrow, Red Sonja Discovers Cheeseburgers – and Claims Them All

Vampirella/Red Sonja #2 is out tomorrow from Jordie Bellaire and Drew Moss, with colours and letters by the Double Rebecca team of Rebecca Nalty and Becca Carey and published by Dynamite. In which Red Sonja, brought to the modern-ish age finds herself bathed, towelled and in bed surrounded by cheeseburgers. She has never had a […]

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Separated At Birth: Red Sonja Birth of She-Devil #4 and Vera Bambi

Thanks to Bleeding Cool reader, Walter Lawson, for spotting this one. Picking up a copy of Red Sonja Birth of She-Devil #4… …and, as he tells me, noticing that the cover by Lucio Parrillo looked oddly familiar. And recognised an older photo of cosplayer and adult model Vera Bambi. Here's an interstitial… Separated At Birth […]

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Red Sonja Wants Blood in Upcoming Prime 1 Studios Statue

Red Sonja the She-Devil with a Vengence is here once again to kick ass and take some names. This time with the help of Studio 1, she is getting an amazing statue treatment. Two statues are coming out of Prime 1 Studios, a normal and a deluxe version. First, we have the normal version, it […]

Jill Soloway to Replace Bryan Singer as the Director of "Red Sonja"

Jill Soloway to Replace Bryan Singer as the Director of "Red Sonja"

To say that people were not exactly thrilled when it was announced that Bryan Singer was going to direct the Red Sonja movie. It wasn't that surprising that the production never seemed to get off of the ground. Singer's name and reputation could potentially poison the entire movie before they even started pre-production. There were […]

Three Comcis Parody Red Sonja This Week - One Of Them Is Red Sonja

Three Comics Parody Red Sonja This Week – and One Of Them is Red Sonja

What with Marvel Comics giving Conan a big push of late, it's natural that a related comic that they don't have the US rights to, Red Sonja, would benefit from that push. This week, while Conan pops up in Savage Avengers, a superheroic take on the role of the character, so his paramour Red Sonja […]

Bryan Singer Reportedly OUT of Millennium Films 'Red Sonja'

Bryan Singer may indeed be officially out of Millennium Films Red Sonja reboot, at least according to a line in a piece from The Hollywood Reporter. Blink and you'll miss it, but buried down in an expose about CEO and founder of Millennium Films, Avi Lerner, and his role in the Brett Ratner / Charlotte Kirk […]

Original 'Red Sonja' Brigitte Nielsen Has Some Opinions on Bryan Singer

Woe to the film studio *cough* Millennium Films *cough* who decided having Bryan Singer direct a new version of Red Sonja was a good idea. Seriously, why in the WORLD would you pick Singer, who was fired from the now multi Oscar-winning Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, and is responsible for some of the weakest superhero adaptation […]

Mastering the Self-Cooking-Cow in This Red Sonja #1 Preview

This week sees a reboot of Red Sonja by Mark Russell and Mirko Colak. And in a preview of Wednesday's Red Sonja #1, we learn that Stygia has a new ruler, the Divine Emperor Dragan the Magnificent. And Dragan has some bad news for the former king… He also has designs on conquering Hykrania next, and […]

Red Sonja Making Up Limericks for Series Finale on Wednesday

Tomorrow sees the release of Red Sonja #25, the final issue in this series before Sonja is rebooted under the pen of Mark Russell, the pencil of Mirko Colak, the photoshop brushes of Dearbhla Kelly, and the speech bubble vectors of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. But first, we get one more issue by Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, and […]