The Samurai Slasher Returns For One Final Outing On Kickstarter

The Samurai Slasher, the slasher flick love letter series by Mike Garley and a number of immensely talented creative collaborators, is back on Kickstarter. This time, for the third main comic and final chapter in the ongoing saga of the Samurai Slasher, the campaign launched on Friday the 13th, running for a brief campaign length, so you best go and support now.

The Samurai Slasher
The Samurai Slasher: Part III cover by Caspar Wijngaard

The Samurai Slasher is a homage to 80s horror about a Samurai who returns from the dead. He's slashed his way through Japan, the US army, a support group for survivors of similar slashers, and now he's back to finish off the tired and predictable trilogy format…

He also going to fight hordes of the undead in hell, a legion of resurrected samurai warriors, and his koi-carp inspired nemesis….

As well as offering all three collections through the Kickstarter, you can also pick up the critically acclaimed Samurai Slasher Late Fees.

But hurry, launching on Friday the 13th this Kickstarter will only run for 13 days.

The new 90 page comic contains work from the likes of Gavin Mitchell, Michael Lee-Graham, Katie Fleming, Andy W. Clift, Jim Lavery, Andy Bloor, Rory Donald, Alistair Wood, Dan Butcher, Dave Jones and Jennie Gyllblad with Mike Stock on lettering duties and Nathan Ashworth on colours.

Samurai Slasher
Artwork by Gavin Mitchell

The Samurai Slasher series has been an incredibly amusing look at the cheesy, gory slasher flicks of old, and why we loved them, as well as recently a really heartfelt and emotional interlude episode that showed the flexibility of the series and concept.

The Samurai Slasher Returns For One Final Outing On Kickstarter
Artwork by Gavin Mitchell

Part three will tie together various plots and threads from throughout the series of disparate tales. But fear not, as well as still being enjoyable by itself, the Kickstarter campaign also contains options to support and get all the previous entries digitally or in print.

There are also options for badges, posters, prints and even a t-shirt with a stunning design by artist Gavin Mitchell.

You can support this third and final instalment to The Samurai Slasher right now on Kickstarter right here, by hitting this link. You have just one week left!

The Samurai Slasher Returns For One Final Outing On Kickstarter
Artwork by Gavin Mitchell 

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