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The Samurai Slasher
The Samurai Slasher, the slasher flick love letter series by Mike Garley and a number of immensely talented creative collaborators, is back on Kickstarter This time, for the third main comic and final chapter in the ongoing saga of the Samurai Slasher, the campaign launched on Friday the 13th, running for a brief campaign length,[...]
The Kill Screen
The Kill Screen is back on Kickstarter, this time looking to raise funds for the production of new book, The Kill Screen: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost. Created by Mike Garley, Joshua Sherwell, and Mike Stock, The Kill Screen: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost will be a new 70-page collection, and follows a whole[...]
Samurai Slasher: Late Fees
Mike Garley et al.'s Samurai Slasher has been around the UK indie comics scene for a while It feels sometimes you can't go a single show here in the UK without seeing Samurai Slasher, Garley and many of the artists and collaborators who have helped him bring his vision of classic 80s shock horror to[...]
The Top UK Indie Comics Of 2015 – From Porcelain To Pantheon
THE KILL SCREEN by Mike Garley, Josh Sherwell & Mike Stock The Kill Screen is one of those ideas I really wish I'd come up with first A wonderful and creative twist on the post-apocalyptic, world-ending idea, the set up and execution is absolutely brilliant. Following survivors in a world where computer errors, glitches and memes become[...]
The Kill Screen Levels Up to a Stunning Hardcover Edition
I've reviewed issues, bemoaned Mike Garley and Joshua Sherwell for coming to this incredible idea before I could, and generally sung it's praises a lot. In fact, whenever I'm exhibiting at a comic con they are, I regularly suggest my customers go check out their book too. A comic series set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Kill[...]
It's The Final Boss Fight- Preview The Kill Screen #4
By Olly MacNamee. Debuting at Leamington Comic Con next Saturday, October 17th, Mike Garley and Joshua Sherwell unleash their fourth issue of Kill Screen onto the masses, offering their growing readership a conclusion of sorts to the current story arc, but a promise of more to come too. Set in a future dystopia where the digital world[...]
When Games Become All Too Real – The Kill Screen Returns For #3, Plus Preview
By Joe Glass At MCM London, starting the weekend of May 22nd, UK Independent comic creator Mike Garley and his team (Josh Sherwell and Michael Stock) bring forth the much-anticipated third part of The Kill Screen, the innovative post-apocalyptic series that we have discussed right here at Bleeding Cool before. This time out, we're getting a story[...]
The Samurai Slasher Is A Silly, Fun, Gory Genre-Exploration
By Joe Glass Mike Garley is back again with another creation to share on the UK Indie comics' scene, once again in the horror genre, but with a very different feel. The Samurai Slasher starts with a story that is very reminiscent of 1980s style teen-slasher films, with all the usual tropes: dislikeable lead characters, various social[...]
Followers Are The Deadliest Threat – The Kill Screen #2 Review
It's part of our lives on such an intrinsic level, we're even starting to wear it…some are even making it part of them. When I first read The Kill Screen #1, my first reaction was 'dammit, that Mike Garley bugger beat me to an incredible idea! If only I'd come up with that!' It's incredible, because[...]
Preview New Creator Owned Comic Kill Screen – It'll Leave You Pixellated
Mike Garley, who successfully Kickstarted the Dead Roots Comic Anthology, a shared-world zombie project, has been teasing a new comic which he has written, with artwork by Josh Sherwell, letters by Mike Stock, and covers by Ian Churchill, called Kill Screen And he has kindly provided Bleeding Cool with a 10 page preview of the[...]
Selling Comics at Thought Bubble 2013 – Sunday
We had planned to talk about a new project that we're collaborating on, but I'd hit the vodkas by this point and the dance floor distracted me, so I guess we'll have to talk by e-mail. [VS Comics] The last exhibitors that I want to talk about are visionary writer Mike Garley and the VS Comics team,[...]
The Dead Roots Kickstarter Has A Hell Of A Lot Of Bite!
Dead Roots editor Mike Garley writes: The Dead Roots Kickstarter is lurching towards its triumphant finale… This anthology proves that there's still life left in the zombie genre, as its character focused stories take a deeper look at our society within its forty unique stories! [Mike Garley, Rebecca Morse] And with reviews like "Dead Roots is flawless from concept[...]
An Eponymous Title
Louie Falcetti writes; Eponymous by Mike Garley, Martin Simmons and Mike Stock is a digital comic that's heading out into the world of print in the form of a 64 page trade paperback I reviewed the first chapter on this very site back in May but hadn't yet returned to the eponymous world until now[...]